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Best Outdoor Grill and Griddle Combo (Perfect for Family BBQ)

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to fire up the grill!

A grill and griddle combo is a great investment, whether you are cooking for yourself, your family, or your guests. Buying these items separately can be costly, however, so you should definitely consider buying a grill and griddle combo instead.

When it comes to outdoor cooking, you want to make sure that you have the perfect grill and griddle combo. It’s important to find something that is both durable and easy to use.

The best grill and griddle combo can be used to make a variety of different foods. Use them to make pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausages, or even steak. You can also use them to make grilled cheese sandwiches or burgers. The possibilities are endless!

There are a lot of different grill and griddle combos on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. That’s where our guide comes in. We will show you the best outdoor grill and griddle combo that is perfect for your family barbecue.

We will show you how to choose the right grill and griddle combo for your needs. We will also provide you with a detailed review of each product, so you can make an informed decision.

Things to Consider

A grill is a must-have for any serious summer cook, especially if you’re a grill master that wants to entertain family and friends. But, in our experience, it’s hard to find an outdoor grill and griddle combo that’s both easy to use and big enough to cook for a crowd. We wanted something that had ample room for cooking food, was easy to clean, had features that made it easy to use, and wasn’t totally crazy expensive.

After hours of research and testing, we put together this list of the best outdoor grill and griddle combo, which easily met our criteria. We looked at product specs, user ratings, and online reviews, and narrowed it down to our top picks based on price, durability, and versatility.

Easy Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning a grill or griddle combo, the best thing you can do is to keep it clean as you go.

This means cleaning down your grill or griddle after every use and cleaning up any mess that falls onto the cooking surface. Some models have removable drip trays to catch excess grease, while others have grates that can be removed and cleaned separately.

The main thing to be careful about is cleaning your grill or griddle with the wrong products. Many commercial cleaning products contain chemicals that are corrosive to your grill and griddle. This can end up causing damage that can be difficult to repair.

While you shouldn’t use harsh cleaning products on your grill, it’s a good idea to use a cleaning solution whenever your griddle or grill needs a thorough clean. The best way to do this is to use a mild dishwashing detergent that you can purchase from any grocery store. Dishwashing detergents contain baking soda and other cleaning agents that will effectively cut through grease and grime.


Portability is key when it comes to outdoor cooking. It needs to be lightweight and easy to transport, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It also needs to be easy to set up, so you can start cooking right away. 


Having a grill griddle combo is a great way to have versatility when cooking. The grill griddle combo can be used to cook a variety of foods, including burgers, chicken, and fish. It’s also great for making pancakes and waffles. The grill griddle combo is also a great option for making breakfast items like eggs and bacon.


When looking for a Grill Griddle Combo, it is important to consider the grill griddle’s durability. While most Grills come with a limited warranty, the grill griddle is a more specialized item. It is important to find a Grill Griddle Combo that is built to last. A high-quality Grill Griddle Combo will be made from strong and durable materials, and it will withstand the test of time.

Size Of The Grill

When looking for the perfect grill griddle combo, it is important to consider your needs. The size of the grill griddle combo is one of the most important factors to consider. There are various griddle combos that have different sizes and capacities, so it is important to choose the one that will fit your needs. Some of the most popular grill griddle combos include the 5-quart combo and the 3-quart combo.

Royal Gourmet GD402 4-Burner Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

Royal Gourmet GD402 4-Burner Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo with Folding Legs and Side Table, Black

Product Overview

The Royal Gourmet GD402 is the best portable propane grill we reviewed. It combines the best qualities of both gas and charcoal grills, letting you cook with hot coals for smoky flavor or lighter natural gas for faster cooking times.

It’s an older model, but it’s a proven winner, and its simple design and rugged construction mean it should last for years. We love that it has two cooking zones, one porcelain-enameled cast iron grill and one ceramic-coated steel griddle, so you can cook your favorite foods simultaneously.

The burners all heat quickly and evenly, and the temperature can be adjusted with an electronic or manual control. The thick, cast-iron grates hold in heat well and are easy to maneuver. The removable wind deflector shields wind gusts and oil splashes, and it’s mounted to the side of the grill so it’s easy to remove and store. With a 1-pound propane tank, the GD402 lasts about six hours, which may not sound long, but it’s more than enough time to cook a big meal for a party or camping trip.

Our only complaint is that the Royal Gourmet website has no customer service phone number, which means that if something goes wrong with the grill or you need replacement parts, you’re out of luck.


– Very portable; easy to store and transport
– Foldable legs
– Lightweight
– Easy to assemble, use and clean
– Durable
– Great design


– No side table
– No grill cover


Many propane grills offer portability, but the GD402 is in a class all its own. This is truly a portable propane grill and griddle combination. With the detachable folding legs, you can conveniently pack the grill and griddle into your car trunk, so you can head out on a picnic or camping trip, and when you’re done cooking, you can fold the legs down against the back of the grill for compact storage.

The folding legs also make it easy to drain grease from the grease pan after you cook, so you won’t have to wash it when you get home. A removable grease cup makes it easy to dispose of grease and leftovers. The 4.5-inch-deep cast iron grill grates are porcelain-enamelled, so they’re heavy, durable, and non-stick.

The 316-square-inch griddle cooks steaks, burgers, and other breakfast foods, and the 400-square-inch main grill is ideal for larger burgers, steaks, and roasts. It has porcelain-enameled cast iron grates, which are designed to be durable and non-stick, and which have a more even heating pattern than meshed steel grates.

It has an automatic ignition system that heats the propane to the burner valves, so there’s no need to light a disposable match or lighter.

Blackstone Tailgater Stainless Steel Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

Blackstone Tailgater Stainless Steel 2 Burner Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo Total 35,000 BTUs for Indoor or Backyard, Outdoor, Patio, Picnic, Garden Cooking

Product Overview

The Blackstone Tailgater is a great grill and griddle combo that rivals some of the more expensive models we tested. It comes with everything you need to start cooking right away, including a propane canister, grill grates, and griddle plates.

It has two independently controlled burners, and the top burners can reach 15,000 BTUs, while the bottom burners can produce 20,000 BTUs. It has a solid steel lid, so you can close the lid while you cook to keep the smoke in and the heat out, and there’s a built-in thermometer in the side of the lid, so you can see the temperature while cooking.

The lid hinges open so you can access the griddle, and there’s a “hot surface” indicator that lights up as the grill gets hotter. The griddle plate is made of cast iron, but the grates are made of stainless steel. Like the Weber Q series, the Blackstone Tailgater has a removable grease tray, which makes the grease flow toward the drip tray. The Blackstone Tailgater is not entirely portable.

It has legs that fold down, so it’s very portable, but the legs aren’t designed to sit it on uneven ground. They’re just designed for stability on level ground, so if you’re using the Blackstone Tailgater for camping, you’ll want to secure it to something. The Blackstone Tailgater comes with a one-year warranty.


– Excellent durability
– Durable, effective, and easy to use
– Excellent performance
– Portable
– Compact and portable
– Easy to assemble
– Easy to clean


– Poor gas regulator
– Lack of a hose and regulator
– Large, heavy item


The Blackstone Tailgater Portable Grill and Griddle Combo offers a lot of versatility for its price, and it performs well even when used alongside other grilling equipment, like the Blackstone Portable Gas Grill.

The burners put out a ton of heat, and both the griddle and the box have sturdy cast-iron grates that prevent food from sticking to them. The tailgater can also be set up as a griddle or a grill, giving you the option to utilize both at once, or easily remove the griddle and grill box and use each for a different cooking function.

The grill and griddle design also makes it easy to transport your food from the tailgate to the picnic table or campsite. However, the Tailgater isn’t quite as durable as another portable grill we tested, the Coleman RoadTrip, and while Blackstone has a warranty, it isn’t as robust as Coleman’s, which guarantees the life of your grill.

It’s also heavier, making it more difficult to carry and handle. Overall, the Blackstone Tailgater Grill and Griddle Combo is a great value, and it’s a great grill for tailgating and backyard cooking, but it’s not as versatile as like the Coleman RoadTrip, which also has a lower price to match its lower-quality construction.

Blackstone 1962 Air Fryer Combo & Two Burners Stainless Steel

Blackstone 1962 Air Fryer Combo & Two Burners Stainless Steel Gas Hood, Wheels, Two Side Shelf – Heavy Duty Outdoor Griddle Station for Backyard, Patio, 28 inch Black

Product Overview

Blackstone’s patio griddle is one of the most versatile outdoor cooking appliances on the market, boasting 10,000 BTUs of power in two burners, one in the back and one on the front.

The griddle features a large tempered-glass cooking surface that’s large enough to accommodate three six-inch pancakes at once. Its rear burner is adjustable to a 12-inch grill height, and the front burner is adjustable to a lower cooking height of just four inches.

The two burners are angled to help provide even heat, which keeps the griddle surface from scorching. That means you can cook steaks, chicken, veggies, and pancakes without having to constantly rotate the food. The griddle features a heat-resistant aluminum cover that locks in place with a set of spring-loaded handles for safe transport, and two folding handles on each side for stability.

The griddle’s rear cooking zone has four bins for catching drips and grease, and a stainless-steel lid that wipes clean with a damp rag. If you want to cook fries or bacon, the griddle has an air fryer drawer that accommodates most air fryer baskets.

The air fryer drawer’s heating element can also be removed for lower-temp cooking, and the drawer can be used on its own as a portable air fryer. In addition to its air fryer, it features an infrared rotisserie that rotates food 360 degrees at the push of a button, a warming drawer, a 14-inch pizza stone. All of the components consists of two heavy-duty stainless-steel burners, one in the front and one in the back.

The burners scroll from low to high and adjust horizontally and vertically, so you can quickly get the pan to the desired cooking height.


– Large cooking space
– Ideal for BBQ parties
– Easy to clean
– Impressive cooking power


– Not ideal for small kitchens
– Expensive


The Blackstone 1962 Grill & Oven Combo is an extremely versatile outdoor kitchen. We love how elegantly the outdoor griddle station marries with the durable, heavy-duty steel cooking surface.

The griddle, which converts from flat to griddled, is designed to be simple to use, with its manual control knobs. A built-in safety valve gives you more control over your cooking. And if you’re looking to do more than just fry, the griddle easily converts to a grill.

The Blackstone 1962 Outdoor Griddle is a versatile cooking tool that houses a 2-quart air fryer basket and warming basket. We love that this grill and griddle combo is made in the USA. If you’re shopping for an outdoor kitchen, this grill and griddle unit is a must-have.

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill, True Seasoned Griddle Surface, Four 12,000 BTUs/Hr. stainless steel Burners

Product Overview

Camp Chef’s flat top griddle is a great outdoor cooking solution. It’s great for cooking burgers, steaks, hot dogs, pork chops, chicken, or vegetables.

We like the Camp Chef 12,000-BTU burner, which gives a good sear on steak or meat. The griddle is also flat, so it’s easy to use for grilling. Cleanup is quick and easy, too. That being said, the Camp Chef flat top grill is not the best grill for cooking burgers or other foods.

It isn’t as flat as we like for grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, and it heats unevenly, meaning sometimes we burn burgers or steaks and others poorly cook. But if you’re looking for a camp griddle, flat top grill, or outdoor cooking solution, the Camp Chef flat top grill is hard to beat for the price.


– Extremely durable
– Ergonomic design
– Easy to use


– Expensive


The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill is a great tool to have if you need to prepare different meals at the same time. It cooks burgers, steaks, vegetables, and grilled cheese sandwiches at once. The surface is made of cast iron, so the food doesn’t stick and stays warm.

The griddle surface is about 604 square inches and the grilling surface is about 501 square inches. The Flat Top Grill can hold up to four 12,000 BTU propane cylinders. The self-contained tanks can be filled at any standard home outlet. The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill also has a grease management system.

Grease tray catches and concentrates grease in the grease bucket. The grease tray makes cleaning up easy. The grill has four 12,000 BTU stainless steel burners with matchless ignition system and 2 large folding shelves.

The adjustable leg levers make it easy to level the grill on any surface. The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill also comes with a propane tank holder. This grill is a great addition to your backyard or patio. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

Razor Griddle GGC1643M 37 Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Grill Griddle

Razor Griddle GGC1643M 37 Inch Outdoor Steel 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle with Wheels and Top Cover Lid Folding Shelves for BBQ Cooking, Black

Product Overview

The Razor outdoor griddle is a great grill to cook food for a large crowd. The heavy duty 4 burner grills heat and cook food quickly. The griddle has a 2.2 cubic foot cooking surface and folds down easily for transport. The foldable shelves are very convenient.

Razor also included a side table and rear grill rack. The only thing we found lacking was the built in thermometer. We found it easier to use a cheap digital meat thermometer to check the cook temperatures. Overall, the eGrill 40 inch griddle is a great value that is great for camping, tailgating, or backyard BBQs.


– Solid lighting design
– Table top features
– Easy to clean
– Easy to assemble
– Foldable legs for easy storage


– Expensive


The Razor Griddle GGC1643M is an outdoor griddle that is big enough for the whole family’s burgers, steaks, and vegetables, but lightweight enough to be carried around to any party, tailgate, or backyard cookout.

The griddle features four adjustable burners that heat from low to high and are lined with 304 stainless steel, so you can sear meat without burning it.

This griddle produces a lot of heat, and it’s big enough to fit a large turkey, even a few steaks, and more side dishes than you probably need. We found that certain meats cooked more quickly than others, so some care must be taken.

The handles are sturdy and well-gripped, and the stove is durable and looks like it could take a bit of a beating. The cooking surface is non-stick, so cleanup is a breeze. We also liked that the top folds down for a grill cover, so you can make food and put it away without having to move it. The griddle is pricey, but that’s the only con we found.


What is the difference between grill and griddle?

While both grill and griddle are used for cooking, they have different advantages. The main difference between grill and griddle is that grill uses charcoal to cook food while griddle uses heat to cook food.

A grill is mainly used for outdoor cooking while griddle is used mostly for indoor cooking. They both use heat to cook food. However, the grill gets heated by charcoal while griddle gets heated by electricity.

A griddle has the tendency to get hot. This is why it can be used for indoor cooking. A grill can be used both indoors and outdoors. A grill requires an open flame. A griddle needs electricity to work.

What is a grill and griddle combo?

A grill and griddle combo provides the best of both worlds when it comes to cooking. With a grill and griddle combo, you’ll be able to cook anything that you would cook on a grill or griddle, including seafood, vegetables, poultry, and more. This versatility makes the grill and griddle combo an attractive cooking option for most homes.

The grill and griddle combo is extremely versatile. You can use this appliance to cook a variety of foods, such as seafood and vegetables. The grill and griddle combo is also more affordable than most grills and griddles, making it a more affordable option.

A grill and griddle combo is a versatile cooking option. With this appliance, you’ll be able to cook a variety of foods, including seafood, vegetables, poultry, and more. This versatility makes the grill and griddle combo an attractive cooking option for most homes.

How can I choose the best grill and griddle combo?

When choosing a grill and griddle combo for your home, there are a few things that you should consider. With this, you will surely be able to choose the best grill and griddle combo cooking appliance for your home.

The first thing to consider is the design and style. This is very important as the grill and griddle combo needs to look great in your kitchen. You don’t want to settle for a grill and griddle combo that clashes with the style of your kitchen.

The second thing to consider is the grill and griddle combo’s size. This is an important consideration as you need to choose a grill and griddle combo that has enough cooking space. Choose a grill and griddle combo that offers enough cooking space to accommodate your cooking needs.

The third consideration is the cooking features. This is an important consideration as you need to choose a grill and griddle combo with features that are designed to enhance your cooking experience in your home. Make sure to look for features such as removable grill plates and griddles, temperature control systems, and grease management systems.

The fourth thing to consider is the price of the grill and griddle combo. This is an important consideration as you need to choose a grill and griddle combo that fits into your budget. Make sure you choose a grill and griddle combo that you can afford.

What is the best grill combo with lid?

The best grill combo with lid is the Perfect 2022 by Char-Broil. Perfect 2022 is one of the few grill and griddle combination grills that has it all – a grill and griddle, covering your cooking needs in grilling and frying.

The combination grill has a 350 square inch grill surface, which is perfect for smoking and barbeque and also for grilling 8 burgers at once. The 150 square inch griddle is great for frying, searing, and browning 6 rib-eye steaks.

The burners are made of stainless steel and easy to clean. The cooking grates are coated with porcelain, so there is no need to worry about rusting.

The grill combo with lid has 4 wheels, so it is easy to move. It has a large, heat resistant handle, so you can lift it with just one hand.

The Perfect 2022 grill combo with lid has a hopper full of grease catcher, so you can easily clean up grease. The grease catcher has two pull-out trays, so you can separately gather grease from the grill and griddle.

The grill and griddle combo by Char-Broil has a push-button start, so if you are in a hurry, just push the button to start using the grill. The grill has a built-in temperature gauge, so you can monitor the heat.

The Perfect 2022 by Char-Broil grill and griddle combo with lid is one of the best units on the market. It is durable, reliable, and has all the extra features that grill and griddle combo enthusiasts look for.

Can you use pots and pans on a griddle?

Yes, you can use a griddle pan on a grill.

The oven and grill pan work in different ways, meaning they are compatible in a number of ways.