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Stove Top Grilled Fish

When it comes to grilled fish, there are two main types: hot-breaded or buttery. Both contain olive oil, but one uses bread crumbs as a binder while the other uses melted butter. We will be doing the second type here! The key difference between the… Read More »Stove Top Grilled Fish

Easy Grilled Fish Tacos

When it comes to grilled fish, there are two main schools of thought. One is hard and dry, which can be seasoned and cooked directly in a grill or pan. The other is soft and hot, so using a cook top or oven-based grill is… Read More »Easy Grilled Fish Tacos

Best Fish For Barbecue

When it comes to grilling, there are many different types of meat you can add onto or under your grill. These include chicken breasts, beef ribs, pork chops, and fish! The best kind of fish to grill is white-fleshed ones such as cod, haddock, or… Read More »Best Fish For Barbecue

The Best Way To Grill Salmon

When it comes to grilled salmon, there are three main types of grill masters. Some cook their fish completely until dry and burnt outside and raw in the middle, creating dry and charred flavor that some people love. Others stick with more neutral-flavored cooked inside… Read More »The Best Way To Grill Salmon

Best Grill For Fish

When buying a grill, what kind of grill you get depends mostly on your cooking style and what types of foods you like to cook. There are two main types of grills: direct-heat and indirect-heat. Direct heat means that you can put raw meat or… Read More »Best Grill For Fish