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Grill Fish For How Long

When grilling fish, how long to cook it depends mostly on what kind of fish you are cooking and whether or not it has been cooked previously.

With most fresh seafood, like salmon, trout, or flounder, there is an internal temperature that defines when it is done. The flesh will become firm and slightly translucent where as the bones will remain soft and white. This process takes about 2-3 minutes per each inch of thickness of the meat. So if you had a one-inch thick piece of fish, it would take twice as much time to fully cook it.

When baking or broiling fish, the timing really comes down to personal taste. Some prefer more crispy skin, while others want all of the juices to stay in longer! That being said, one good way to ensure both are accomplished is by using a plate to cover the item. If the plate touches the hot surface, then the moisture will remain, but if the grill pan itself is high enough, the plate can be removed which helps with this.

If your grill does not have such a plate, then either bake the item at a lower heat or turn up the burners so that the intensity is similar.

Always cook fish until it flakes

grill fish for how long

When cooking meat or chicken, there is an easy way to check if it is done by sticking a fork in it and seeing whether it breaks down easily or not. With seafood, however, this isn’t so simple!

Most people know that you should always let steak/meat bake or roast fully to perfection, but how long you can grill (cook under high heat) fish depends on what kind of fish you are boiling or broiling.

Thicker fish such as salmon and trout can almost completely melt away when cooked so these ones do not need to be grilled longer than about 4 minutes per side.

Fish like bass, flounder, cod, etc. are much thinner and take slightly less time to finish baking.

Always test for doneness

grill fish for how long

When cooking fish, how long to cook it is an important factor in whether it tastes good or not! If you like very crispy skin, then baking the fish first and finishing it off on the grill may be your style.

Thicker white-flesh fish such as tuna can be cooked through and done after boiling or broiling. However, thinner oily fish such as salmon and trout require more time to roast properly so that they taste better and are less likely to get overcooked.

Salmon should always be grilled either raw or barely baked (just until warm) because this allows all of the chemicals in the meat to remain and flavor the flesh.

Use a meat thermometer

grill fish for how long

When cooking fish, what kind of grill you use and how long you cook it on is very important! There are two main types of grills people use to cook fish- direct flame and indirect flame. A good way to determine which type of grill you have is by looking at your burner covers. If they look like one solid piece, then you have an indirect fire grill. If there are separate burners for each side of the grill, then you have a direct fire grill.

With indirect flames, the smoke comes from wood chips or dried vegetables instead of pure gas. This gives the smoked flavor that many people love. With direct flames, however, the length of time the heat touches the food can be limited so the grilled taste does not occur. This is why most people prefer indirect fires as their grill of choice.

When baking or broiling foods, those settings cannot be used until the cooked item is removed. Because this is not the case with hot smoking, most people agree that these are the best settings for barbecuing fish.

Let it cook until the preferred degree of doneness

grill fish for how long

When fish is cooked through, usually an easy way to determine this is by holding it up with a fork and whether or not the piece comes away easily– if it does then it’s fully cooked and flaky.

Another way to check this is to very carefully touch the skin of the fish with your thumb -if it flakes and curls back off then it is still moist and raw within.

When should I serve it?

grill fish for how long

The best way to cook fish is either fully cooked or raw. Raw fish can be highly contagious, so unless you have confirmed there are no symptoms of illness, we cannot recommend that you eat it.

With cooked fish, however, you do not need to worry about this! Almost every cuisine has a guideline as to how long meat should be cooked before serving.

The same goes for fish! Most recipes call for white-fleshed fish like flounder to be cooked until almost completely done and then finished baking or broiling in olive oil with salt and pepper. This method makes sure both the inside and outside are warm and taste great!

So what kind of fish is ideal to bake or broil? A one-pound (500 g) fillet of salmon or trout is our favorite because it will make enough food for two people.

Serve hot

grill fish for how long

When cooking fish, how long to cook it depends mostly on what kind of fish you are cooking and whether or not it has been cooked already. Thick fillets like salmon can be grilled longer than thinner ones such as trout, because they will take longer to heat through.

Thicker bones also require longer grill times, so make sure to check out if this is the case with your fish!

If the skin gets too browned away, the fish may taste burnt. To prevent this, either fry the fish first or use non-stick pans when grilling. If using pre-cooked meat, ensure that when you re-cook it, it heats up properly before being served.

Serve warm

grill fish for how long

When cooking fish at home, how long to cook it depends mostly upon what kind of fish you are preparing it as and whether or not it has been cooked previously. Thick fillets can be done just like chicken, though thinner ones may require more time.

Fish must always be served slightly warmer than cold so that when you eat it, it is still pleasant to taste. To ensure this, make sure your plate is hot enough!

If the bones have melted away and the meat is easily separated from them, then the fish can be sliced and eaten with the bone in. Just remember to chew slowly and taste test to determine if it is flavorful and rich.

Serve cold

grill fish for how long

When cooking fish, how long to cook it depends mostly on what kind of fish you are preparing it as and whether or not it will be cooked further at home or consumed immediately. Most recipes call for white-fleshed fish like flounder, snapper, cod, etc to be grilled up until crisp and browned outside and slightly pink in the middle.

Thicker, heavier fish such as tuna should be cooked through completely unless your recipe calls for pan searing or butter broiling which we will discuss later. The length of time that each type of fish takes to fully cook is very different!

Fish and seafood actually become more flavorful when cooked longer since they lose some water and gelatin during cooking. This makes them taste better and help retain their shape.