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How Long Should I Grill Fish For

When cooking fish, how long to cook it is an important factor in whether or not it is done to your liking. If you like more crispy skin, then lower temperatures are better!

The temperature of the grill can play a large part in this. A hotter grill will dry out meat faster, which sometimes people prefer. Having a colder grill may take longer to achieve cooked meat, but the internal temperature stays warmer, ensuring that the meat is fully cooked.

There are several recipes in this article that use different levels for when the fish is ready. Some say completely opaque white flesh, while others recommend just barely translucent. The best way to determine if your fish is almost finished is by using a fork to poke it- if the fork comes back clean with no pink inside, it’s good to go!

Another tip is to put some water in the pan along side the fish- if the water bubbles rapidly, the fish is already cooked through.

Always cook fish until it is flaky, opaque, and the flesh is slightly resilient to the touch

how long should i grill fish for

When cooking fish, how long you grill it for really depends on what kind of fish you are using and what type of flavor you want to achieve.

With most fresh fish like salmon or trout, very thin pieces can be cooked completely through in just a few minutes, so keep an eye on them! Thin fillets usually have very thick skin though, which may not need as much time to become soft and buttery.

For thicker white-fleshfishlike bass, cod, halibut, etc., longer grilling times are needed to allow all that delicious melted fat to drip off and flavor the meat. The best way to determine when these things are done is by cutting into it and making sure it is fully cooked all the way through and the internal temperature is at least warm.

Always test fish for doneness before serving

how long should i grill fish for

When cooking whole fish, such as trout or snapper, how long you grill them depends mostly on how well done you like your meat. Obviously, the hotter you cook it, the more cooked it will get, but that can also dry out the flesh- not good!

The best way to determine if the internal temperature of the fish is reached is by using an accurate thermometer to check what temperature it is at both front and back ends. Most people recommend holding the fish up against the grill so it doesn’t stick and use its shape to help retain heat.

When checking for internal temperatures, make sure to pull away slightly so you aren’t cutting into the fish rawly. Also, try to only touch the end with your probe, never swipe the entire thing with it.

We hope this article taught you some great tips about grilling different types of fish.

To test for doneness, use a meat thermometer

When baking or broiling fish, how long you grill it depends on what kind of fish you are cooking and whether you like your fish more cooked or raw.

There is no universal rule that says you must cook all types of fish the same length of time because they contain different levels of protein. Some proteins taste good when slightly charred while others not!

That being said, most recipes call for white-flesh fish such as flounder, halibut, cod, etc to be grilled up to three minutes per side.

Thicker red flesh fish such as salmon, trout, and arctic char can be grilled up to seven minutes per side.

Insert the thermometer so it is close to the backbone

how long should i grill fish for

The best way to check if your fish is done is to insert a digital meat or temperature probe tip into the center of the thickest part of the flesh.

If you feel the touch with ease, then it is cooked enough! This will also help determine when to take the fish out as the heat source will more quickly reach all areas.

Hold the fish over a medium heat source

how long should i grill fish for

When cooking fish, how long you cook it depends mostly upon what kind of fish you are cooking and whether or not it is cooked already!

If the fish is in pieces then to give it more time use a hot grill pan or stove top as your heat source. If the whole fillets or steaks are well coated with other ingredients like olive oil or butter, then to avoid dryness, start heating the grill/stove up later.

Otherwise if the fish is one solid piece that does not have any exposed edges or bones, then starting the fire earlier and giving it longer to cook can be done. Just make sure it gets heated through and that it tastes good!

General tips: remember that thinner flakey white flesh will stick to the grill much more so than thick meaty fishes! This can sometimes take away from looks but also helps create lighter flavor.

Try not to move the fish until it registers the correct temperature

how long should i grill fish for

When cooking fish, how long you cook it is an important factor in whether or not it tastes good! The internal temperature of the meat should be about 65°-70° Celsius (149°–158° Fahrenheit) depending on the type of fish being cooked.

Fish can easily overheat so make sure to take time to check your grill marks and texture before moving onto the next step. Once the flesh turns opaque and looks like it has wrinkled slightly, that’s also a good sign that the fish is fully cooked.

Since most people are not thermometers, there is no real way to tell if the fish is completely done without using a digital or regular food thermometer. Fortunately though, there are some general rules of thumb for determining when a fish is cooked enough.

Remove the fish from the heat source

how long should i grill fish for

The best way to cook most any kind of fish is by either broiling or grilling it. Broiled fish and grilled fish both work well, but there are some slight differences in how each method should be done!

When cooking raw fish under high temperatures, like broil or grill, the flesh can sometimes dry out. This happens when the moisture in the meat cooks away. Therefore, the perfect temperature for cooked-fish perfection depends on the type of fish you are baking or grilling.

The trick is finding that sweet spot where the fish is not overcooked, but also doesn’t taste too dried out. That is what this article will help you with!

So now let’s get into the tips!


If your recipe calls for liquid, you will need to make sure to include enough so that the fish does not burn while roasting. Most recipes call for around one cup per pound of fish, unless otherwise stated.

That being said, water alone is never the correct choice for the broth. Many people add salt and pepper to create an additional flavor component, but again – dependent on the type of fish – whether it has solid bones or not, these ingredients may burn up during the cooking process.

There are two main types of bone-less fish that do not require careful attention when making soup or broth: flounder and white bass.

Let the fish rest for a few minutes before serving

how long should i grill fish for

After cooking your fish, it is important to let it sit or “rest” for a little bit. This will give it time to relax and retain its shape.

Most people when asked how long they should grill their meat usually reply with something like “a minute per side”. But this isn’t always the best way to do things!

Grilling a chicken breast or steak can be tricky because those foods don’t take very long to cook fully. So, in order to achieve that perfect crusty char and juicy interior, you have to keep an eye on it and turn it every so often!

For most types of fish however, dryness is the main danger mode. If the skin gets too crispy while cooking, then the flavor may be lost. Plus, hardening the flesh makes it more difficult to eat without getting crumbs stuck in your mouth.