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How to Clean a Toaster in Easy Steps

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When it comes to household appliances, few are as essential as the toaster. Fortunately for you, your toaster is a pretty easy appliance to take care of.

After all, its sole purpose is to make toast. The only issue with such a simple appliance is its tendency to get dirty quickly.

Follow our handy guide on cleaning a toaster in easy steps so that it works like new again.

Close up view of silver colored toaster that standing on gas stove indoors in kitchen
Close up view of silver colored toaster that standing on gas stove indoors in kitchen

What does a toaster need to look like before it can be cleaned?

Before you get started, make sure your toaster is unplugged.

After that, the first step of cleaning a toaster is finding the right cleaning supplies that suit your needs. Many different brands and types of cleaners exist on the market, but for this article, we will only discuss items that are safe for use in a home.

The most important thing to look for when picking a cleaner is what type of finish you want. You can buy cleaners made explicitly for chrome, stainless steel, and other metals or find all-purpose cleaners that work on most surfaces.

Make sure you pick up the appropriate hand towel, so you don’t scratch any surface while wiping down your appliance.

Make sure all removable pieces are dry before you start cleaning

The first step in cleaning your toaster is to ensure all removable pieces are dry. You don’t want moisture or grease from one part of bread ruining the whole appliance! Whether you use a damp cloth, paper towel, or dishcloth, be sure that the toaster is completely dry before moving on to the next steps.

Heating element and controls

The heating element and controls are located at the bottom of your toaster. The easiest way to get to them is through a little hole on the side of the appliance. This will expose the heating element and controls.

You can use a toothbrush here with some dish soap for easy cleaning. If you’re looking for a more robust cleaner, try using a wire brush instead of a toothbrush. This can be found in any hardware store and is excellent for scrubbing tough stains like baked-on food residue or burnt toast bits off heating elements, coils, and clamps.

Final Steps

After removing the crumbs and debris from the toaster, ensure it’s completely dry.

You can do this by wiping the inside with a paper towel or rag. Then, use a brush to scrub any remaining residue on the toaster’s surface.

Tips for a Long Lasting Toaster

Please keep a few things in mind regarding your toaster.

First, you must take care of your appliance from the beginning. This includes giving it a clean once a week. It would be best if you kept an eye out for any cracks or breaks indicating that your toaster needs replacing.

Finally, it would be best if you were sure to unplug and shut off the toaster when not in use so as not to burn out your electricity bill.

Before cleaning your appliance, unplug and turn off the device first!


What are the most common causes of a smelly toaster?

There are a few common causes of a smelly toaster. One of the most common is food debris blocking the heating element. The garbage has nowhere to go but around the heating element and the bread slots. This bread dough will encounter another heating element, which makes for an awful situation for your bread and your nose.

If you’re noticing your toaster getting smelly, the first thing to do is unplug it from the wall and look inside. If you see any old crusty bread or food debris, take note of when this started and where you can find it so you can remove it.

Once that’s taken care of, give your toaster a deep cleaning using only water and gentle dish soap. Remember to dry out all parts thoroughly before plugging them back in.

How can you prevent a smelly toaster from occurring?

If you need a little kitchen assistance, take it to the toaster! Of course, this may not be necessary, but it’s always nice to know what can be done around the house yourself. The first step in cleaning your toaster is to ensure it’s empty. There’s no point in scrubbing if the appliance already has food.

Next, wipe down the outside of the machine with a damp cloth or sponge. You can use any cleaner you like, as long as it isn’t abrasive. Once you’re done with this step, you can begin cleaning up inside.

If there are any crumbs or soil inside, use a small toothbrush to remove them. Allow the machine to dry out completely before using it again. If the inside is messy, use an old toothbrush to clean the crevices.

You can also do this with a hand vacuum cleaner. Once finished, give it a good wipe down with a damp cloth and allow it to dry completely before using.

What are the best ways to clean a toaster?

There are a few easy ways to clean a toaster, and we’ll show you how to do it. The first step is to empty the unit of all its crumbs and other debris. Next, clean off the inside using some warm, soapy water. Then, give it a good scrubbing with a soft cloth or sponge.

Once you’re satisfied with how clean it is, dry it off with a towel. An excellent way to finish it is to apply some paste wax (available in most hardware stores) using a microfiber cloth. You can also wear an old t-shirt or rag that you don’t mind getting dirty.

The final step is to give the entire unit a good rubdown with your favorite furniture polish. This will leave it looking brand new!