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How To Get Free Coffee From Vending Machines

As we all know, spending money is very fashionable these days. People spend extravagantly on flashy clothes, expensive phones, and even more extravagant trips. While most of this spending is done for appearance’s sake, some people do actually enjoy what they purchase.

For example, someone who buys an expensive smartphone probably doesn’t feel too guilty about it because they spent lots of money on it. They enjoyed using it and thinking of themselves as a smart person because of it.

But there are things that less wealthy individuals can do to achieve their dream of drinking rich coffee drinks for free. I have gathered several easy ways to get free coffee online or in-store! Hopefully you will find one or many helpful for you.


This article may contain errors since I have not verified these methods with actual users. If any of these work for you, please notify me and mention your experience so I can add them into the article.

Find the best locations to get coffee

how to get free coffee from vending machines

Having a good cup of joe is one of life’s great pleasures, but it can be expensive! Luckily, there are several ways you can get free cups of coffee or cheap cups of coffee if you know where to look.

There are two main types of people who don’t pay for coffee: college students and working professionals. Both of these groups enjoy using a drink card that rewards them for frequent purchases, so they don’t need to buy individual drinks.

A less common way to get free coffee is by buying a large amount in a store promotion event. For example, if your favorite coffee place is offering 10% off any size purchase, then why not line up a bunch and save some money?

This article will talk about 5 easy ways to get free coffee today. Try out at least 2-3 before deciding which ones work for you.

Call and see if they would allow you to place a coffee order

how to get free coffee from vending machines

Most large companies have their own internal system for vendors to sell merchandise that they carry for business or as giveaways. If your favorite drink brand has its own app, then those apps usually connect to this internal vendor platform where you can create an account and start selling drinks!

Mostly what sellers need to do is find the best way to contact the company about becoming a vendor through their website or social media channels.

If there are no signs of them offering sales opportunities via these routes, then it’s okay to drop one in the mail.

Dress the part

how to get free coffee from vending machines

For most people, coffee is a beverage that they consume in large quantities over time, so why not use that as an opportunity to make some money? With the right dress, casual shoes, and your favorite brew-cup style, you are ready!

Most places have at least one employee that gets frequent requests for beverages. These individuals are typically in their late teens or early twenties, which is very young to be asked to provide drinks for others.

The reason that these employees are asked to do this is because they match what other people have bought before. People trust them, so when someone orders a drink of theirs, it goes with the job.

Your goal as a barista should be to become known and trusted by your colleagues and superiors. This will create more opportunities to make extra cash.

By offering your services as a barista, you can begin accepting payment via credit card through regular vendors such as Starbucks and Coca Cola. Many companies also offer discounts and gift cards for spending certain amounts, which helps promote business as well.

There are many ways to earn free coffee, so choose how best to fit into your schedule.

Try to get the attention of the staff

how to get free coffee from vending machines

As mentioned before, most coffee shops have at least one barista that has some sort of rapport with their customers. This includes doing things like calling you by your first name or offering special discounts if they see you coming in frequently.

A lot of people make use of this free coffee as motivation to come into the shop more often. By being friendly, it creates an environment where people feel comfortable spending time together.

If you are ever having trouble making headway in getting free coffee, try to find something you have in common with them. Is there anything you share in terms of hobbies? Perhaps they do too!

By introducing yourself, you will definitely win over some friendlies.

Give them your business card

how to get free coffee from vending machines

As discussed earlier, you can’t just walk up to any random machine and ask for a cup of coffee! That would be pretty weird I guess?

Luckily, most machines have a way to connect with external services (vendors that sell items or other products). These vendors usually offer free cups if you are willing to sign up as a customer or purchase an item from their site.

Tell them how much you enjoy their coffee

how to get free coffee from vending machines

It is totally fine to ask for a cup of their favorite drink! Most vendors will be happy to let you order what they have unless it is sold out, in which case you will get an empty mug.

Ask if there are any discounts or coupons available at the time of your request. Some cafes offer daily deals or special events that can include free drinks!

Some sellers may even allow you to write your own comment on why you like their beverages, this way you can increase your chances of getting a gift certificate or coupon code.

Ask for a cup

Asking for a coffee mug or beverage is one of the best ways to get free coffee. Most vendors will not turn down a drink request!

Mostly, vendor employees are paid per-item sold so if you ask for a glass or bottle of liquid, they’ll usually fill it up and give it to you for free.

This way you do not have to buy anything extra and you still got some refreshment!

Another trick some businesses use is offering your company a discount in return for them writing an article or doing a press release about the business. If you know anyone that could benefit from their product or service, offer this help as exchange material.

Editorial reviews are always helpful to potential customers so don’t shy away if such a opportunity arises.

Enjoy your coffee

how to get free coffee from vending machines

As tempting as it may be, do not use free beverages as an incentive for others to purchase a drink for you. This could backfire and hurt your wallet!

Running out of drinks is totally normal when buying direct from the source. In fact, in some cases, it’s even encouraged!

If someone else gets you a beverage because they wanted one themselves, then no money was lost for you. But if you are using freebies to promote purchases, then you have gone too far.

This can negatively affect your sales and income. Even though you gave away something that cost you nothing, people will feel taken advantage of and won’t buy anything ever again.

So, try to enjoy your caffeine without offering up gratis cups.

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