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How To Grill Fish Japanese Style

Grilling is one of the best ways to cook fish. There are many types of grilled fish, but one of our favorite recipes for any type of fish is how to grill sushi-style. This article will tell you all the steps to make this recipe yourself!

When cooking rice or bread with butter in it, there’s an easy way to know when it’s done. When the butter becomes brown and hard, that means it’s finished. Why not use those tips to learn how to grill fish?

Making sure your grill is well oiled and heating up properly is key to having good grilled food. Once these things are covered, let the magic begin!

There are two main reasons why grilling fish is so great. First, almost every kind of meat can be cooked slightly beyond raw and still taste delicious. Second, most people associate flavor mostly from the outside, like what color the skin is or whether it is fried or broiled. But internal flavors matter too!

Grilled fish is full of umami, which is the savory fifth basic taste that we talk about a lot here at Healthy Happy Life. Umami comes from glutamates, which are naturally occurring ingredients found in foods.

These articles will never say it enough, so we will as many times as possible! Glutamate is responsible for the satisfying sense of taste and appetite stimulation that makes eating enjoyable.

Brush off the fish with a dry paper towel

After you rinse the fish, it is important to brush away any leftover water. This will help ensure that the grill taste does not linger in the meat.

If the fish is very oily, put it under the cold water running in the sink for a minute

how to grill fish japanese style

This will rinse some of the oil off the fish so that you can then grill it longer or use another cooking method!

Once it is grilled and cooked through, take it out and wash it under fresh water again to remove any leftover grilling juices. Then, dry with paper towels and season with salt and pepper.

Pat the fish down with a clean towel

how to grill fish japanese style

When grilling fish, your start line is ensuring the fish is warm before putting it onto the grill or plate. If you cook it too soon, it will taste raw and/or slimy!

Fish can be cooked through and dry depending on what kind of fish you are cooking. For example, salmon can remain moist if cooked slightly longer. Make sure to check out our article here: how to tell when meat is done!

Once the skin gets crispy and browned, the oven-grilled style finished! This process takes about one minute for each side of the fish. To make sure it is fully cooked all the way through, try sliding a knife in between the flesh and bone and also run your fork in between the two pieces. If it comes away easily then it is ready!

To keep things fresh and lighter, remove the bones first and then broil the fillets until crisp and golden.

Make sure the fish is completely dry

how to grill fish japanese style

When cooking any kind of meat, whether it be chicken breast or steak, people usually go into the oven or grill with wet meat. This can sometimes result in food that tastes raw or greasy.

Grilling is a more elegant way to cook meat so make sure your meat is fully dried before you start grilling!

Start by drying off the outside using a paper towel. Now, take your grill pan or skillet and heat up some olive oil. Once hot, add the fish and cook for several minutes on each side, depending on the thickness of the flesh.

That’s all there is to know about how to grill fish! If you are ever stuck as to what kind of fish to grill, just look up pictures and see which ones look the same.

Prepare a marinade for the fish

how to grill fish japanese style

While there are many recipes that tell you how to grill or broil your meat, few if any give instructions for cooking fish. This is an easy way to cook most types of fresh fish!

Grilling fish does require some special tips, though. The best way to ensure super delicious cooked fish every time is by learning how to grill fish Japanese style. Read on to find out more about this culinary technique and what kind of fish can be grilled this way.

Make sure the grill is properly heated

how to grill fish japanese style

When grilling fish, your grill needs to be at least warm so it can hold heat well! If the grill is cold or cool, you will have to start with meat or poultry as that will dry out and taste funny due to lack of moisture.

If the burners are too hot, the outside may char but the inside will still be raw. Grilling fish should always be cooked slightly beyond what would normally be considered done because the oils in the fish will continue to cook and flavor the food as it rests. This process is called “caramelization” and it is delicious!

How to tell if the grill is warm – Hold your hand about two inches above the burner for one minute. If you get warm hands, the grill is ready. Alternately, put some kind of metal object into the middle of a hot grill to see if it heats up quickly.

Brush the fish with more oil

how to grill fish japanese style

Another important part of grilling is brushing the meat with additional oils or liquids. This helps promote browning, flavor development and overall taste!

When cooking any kind of seafood, like salmon, flounder or cod, you will want to brush it with olive oil before putting it onto the grill. The same goes for shrimp- they should be brushed with olive oil and grilled as described in this article!

To give your cooked fish an extra boost of flavor, use lemon juice as a brush on the fish. Let the juice drip off and then apply the olive oil.

Grill the fish for 3 to 5 minutes on each side

how to grill fish japanese style

Grilling is one of the best ways to cook most types of meat or seafood. When cooking grilled food, how you grill it makes a big difference! There are two main grilling methods: direct and indirect.

With direct grilling, the fire directly touches the surface of the item being cooked. This is usually done using flames or gas burners. With broiling, only the top layer is heated so instead of eating charred skin, we toast the top part of the food then serve it.

When baking or roasting foods, there is an initial hot stage (usually browning) and then slow heat cooking which happens as the oven cools down. These two concepts apply to grilling too!

The concept of “indirect” comes in when after the grill heats up, the cook adds another element that gets warm, like a plate or pan. The grilled item can stick onto this new warmer element, so they work well with indirect grilling.