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How To Grill Fish On A Pellet Grill

Grilling is one of our favorite ways to prepare fish. When cooking meat, there are two main types of grills: hot-wire grill grids and flat-top grillers. With hot-wire grilled meat, flames can sometimes get out of control which may cause burning or even fire!

With pellet grills, however, an ignition source is never needed because fuel (pellets) burn at a very low temperature. This allows for much more versatility in what you can cook!

Grilling with pellets instead of natural gas or charcoal removes any risk of flame escaping, making cooked foods that use pellet fuel less likely to start a wildfire.

There are several great reasons to try pellet grilling. This article will go over some basic tips on how to grill your best ever fish using a pellet grill! Read on to learn more about this fun way to enjoy food.

Make sure your grill is clean

how to grill fish on a pellet grill

When cooking fish on a pellet grill, making sure your grill is clear of any burnt-on bits or pieces that could potentially burn someone’s mouth is very important!

Grilling meat can sometimes result in some smoke coming off the grill, but when cooking raw foods like fish, this can be problematic. If there are leftover burned chunks of meat, then these might combust while the grill is heating up again, which would obviously not be good.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, wait until the pellets have fully heated before placing the food onto the grill. This way, you know that there will be no hot spots and nothing that may start smoking later.

Another thing to watch out for is if there are any ashes left over from past grills. These could stick to the cooked fish and flavor it. It is best to just wash the fish with water and taste test it to see if it has an undesirable aftertaste.

Pat the fish down with paper towels

how to grill fish on a pellet grill

When grilling whole fish, it is important to keep the grill hot so that the fish does not overcook. This means keeping an eye on the grill while also checking for dry skin or burnt parts of the fish!

To help ensure this happens, you can either use a plate to cover the fish or press-toast skewers. The best way to do both is using pellet grills!

A pellet grill will already have a rack in place to hold the meat upright. What people usually don’t realize is that this rack can be removed and used as a cooking surface separate from the grill. This makes baking more versatile than just having a built in broiler!

The trick is being sure to grease the rack before putting the grill top back on. If the greasing process is done correctly, there should be no sticking or burning when lifting off the cooked racks later.

Brush the grill with oil

how to grill fish on a pellet grill

When cooking fish like trout or flounder, never leave your grill empty! Once you have grilled the meat, brush some olive oil onto the grill to help promote browning.

This works especially well if you are using a pellet grill as it does not require charcoal for fuel. You can use dried fruits such as cranberries or apricots to create the needed smoke flavor. Simply mix together one part fruit powder to four parts water in a bowl and let sit for twenty minutes before brushing over the grill.

Never forget that burning wood can contain chemicals that may irritate your skin or cause health problems. Make sure to wash your hands after handling firewood so you do not ingest any harmful substances.

Place the fish on the grill

how to grill fish on a pellet grill

When it comes time to cook your fish, you can either broil or grill it. The best way to do this is by placing the fish directly onto the pellet grill!

Grilling fish at high temperatures will cause the outside to brown and crisp up, while the inside remains tender. This process also contributes some wonderful flavor to the meat.

Most people start by grilling the fillets but can’t seem to get them completely cooked through due to the thickness of the meat. For that reason, we recommend baking or pan-frying the fish instead. You can read more about those types of grilled fish here!

This article will teach you how to bake, broil, and pan-grill the most popular types of fish: salmon, trout, and cod.

Cook for a certain length of time

how to grill fish on a pellet grill

When cooking fish on a pellet grill, how long you cook it is an important factor in what kind of flavor it gets. Most recipes call for cooked-through meat, but if you want more taste, there are several ways to do that!

One way is to keep an eye on your grill and see when it starts to smoke really heavily. At this stage, your fish can start to burn so make sure you have a good source of fuel or the fire will die down.

Another option is to turn off the grill after a set amount of time. This cuts off heat input, which helps prevent overcooking of the fish.

We recommend always using the correct temperature pellets for the right type of grilled food. For example, red oak gives a slightly sweet charred flavor to foods. If your fish still looks raw at the end of the grilling time, use white charcoal to finish baking it.

Flip and repeat

how to grill fish on a pellet grill

When grilling fish, your grill will usually tell you when it is done by whether or not there are any white bones left in the meat. If there are still pieces of bone left in the meat, then it is probably too early to consider it cooked!

Grill those barbecued ribs for another five minutes at least! The same goes for fresh seafood like salmon or flounder. Once they are both no longer pink inside and the flesh flakes away easily, they have reached the level of taste and texture that we want them to have!

To cook thinner cuts of fish such as cod or redfish completely through and achieve crisp, delicious skin, start with 1-2 hours initial cooking time followed by two more minutes per each half hour until totally cooked.

Let the fish rest for a few minutes before serving

how to grill fish on a pellet grill

After you grill your fish, it is important to let it sit for a couple of minutes or so until it is able to relax. This will help preserve its shape and make eating it more pleasant!

Many people mix their grilled fish with toppings such as tomatoes, onions, and/or tartar sauce which can all get soggy if the fish is not allowed to cool down first.

Serve your cooked fish with these garnishes and then put it back in the pan or onto a plate to use them there.

Grilling a healthy option

When grilling meat, poultry, or seafood, try to avoid using heavy oils or butter as those are needed to keep the cook hot.

Serve with your favorite side dishes

how to grill fish on a pellet grill

When it comes time to cook your fish, you will want to know how to grill fresh fish on a pellet grill. Luckily, cooking grilled fish is no harder than any other kind of cooked fish!

Grilling or broiling fish at high temperatures will result in a very nice flavor and texture. To ensure that your meaty parts are warm and soft, we recommend using a pellet grill. These roaster grills have an internal heating element that uses dried dog food pellets as fuel.

When choosing what type of fish to grill, make sure it is safe for consumption. This means buying it from a grocery store or specialty seafood market rather than somewhere that does not clearly specify which ingredients they use to source their products.