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How To Grill Fish On A Stove

When it comes to grilling fish, there are two main types of cookers you can use. You have broilers that work more like regular ovens, and then you have grill pans or hotplates that are designed specifically for cooking meat or seafood. This article will focus on how to cook fish on a stove using a grill pan!

This type of grill is very easy to use. All you need to do is wash your fish first, let it dry, and then season it with olive oil and salt and pepper. After that, just place the fish onto the grill pan and cook until done, usually around five minutes per side. Repeat this process as needed to ensure the best flavor and texture!

Grill recipes vary slightly depending on what kind of fish you are boiling and what style of grill pan you have, but overall they all seem to agree on giving your food a good sear. That means laying the cooked piece of fish down on the grill pan and letting it warm up under an open flame for a few seconds before taking it off.

Brush fish with oil

how to grill fish on a stove

When cooking any kind of meat or seafood, whether it is broiled, grilled, or fried, one important thing to do is brush some olive oil or other flavor-enhancing oils onto the surface of the food. This helps promote browning and flavor development, which we love!

When grilling fish at home, you can just use your hand to spread an oil like sunflower or peanut oil on the fleshy parts of the fish. Make sure to apply enough so that you have covered all sides and also give it a good scrape off against the grill to help retain the flavor of the fish.

Remember, when buying fresh fish choose very carefully as to how fresh they are.

Cook fish on hot grill

how to grill fish on a stove

When grilling fish, you want to make sure that it is cooked all the way through and also that it tastes good! Grilling meat or chicken usually requires using a medium-high heat source, but when grilled with care, bass, trout, and other fish can be grilled on either a stove top or barbecue grill.

When cooking thicker whitefish like flounder or halibut, cook them face up so that they poach in their own fat for an hour or two before being flipped over and cooked on both sides. For thinner fish like cod or snapper, cook it per your normal recipes, just remember to add more time because these fish will dry out slightly when done.

Remember to check internal temperature of the fish with a digital thermometer to ensure that it is fully cooked. We recommend starting at centerline 1 (for thick cuts) and then moving down towards the bone as needed until it reaches 145°F.

Let fish cook through

how to grill fish on a stove

When cooking any kind of fish, whether it is fresh or frozen, let it fully cook through before moving it or serving it. This will ensure that your student gets the full flavor and texture of the fish!

When grilling thin fillets such as flounder or trout, careful not to overcook them so they taste good and are soft enough to eat. For thicker whitefish like halibut or cod, grill these up until done both internally and externally.

Remember, when baking or broiling meat, make sure to check for doneness every few minutes by slicing into the meat.

Brush with more oil

When grilling fish like salmon or trout, you will need to make sure that it is cooked all the way through and that its internal temperature is checked. While some people grill their fish totally in olive oil, I do not recommend this method as it may burn or dry out the meat.

I always brush my grilled fish with extra virgin olive oil before cooking it so that it does not taste raw or burnt. You can also add some fresh lemon juice to enhance the flavor.

Since most of us do not have access to a grill outside, we must learn how to cook our fish on the stove.

Consider marinating

how to grill fish on a stove

While most people tend to think of grilling as only applying to meat, cooking fish on an open flame is actually another way to do it! Grilling vegetables or fruits is not limited to just having them grill next to a piece of meat, you can either cook them in olive oil and place them directly onto the grill, or use a plate that covers the grill and cover the food on top.

Cooking fish this way is less likely to result in dry, overcooked flesh due to the water content. When baking bread in the oven, there are recipes which require melted cheese on the bread, something that would be very difficult if the cheese was burnt and crispy from being grilled. If you like how thick and soft your fish’s skin gets while cooking, then using these tips will ensure that it does not get overly dried out.

Another tip is to always let the cooked fish rest for at least five minutes before cutting into it so that all of the liquid has time to drain away, thus giving you more with which to taste it.

Cook with vegetables

how to grill fish on a stove

When grilling fish, one of the most important things is how you cook it. Grilling recipes usually call for either broiling or oven-cooking your meat, but what about cooking it on the stove?

When baking or roasting foods in an open flame like a grill, there are two main reasons to do so: flavor and texture. By leaving the food alone while it cooks, flavors can fully develop and dry textures can brown properly.

With that being said, grilled fish doesn’t need to be cooked in the oven or under the broiler! Here are some tips for doing it on the stove.

Cook fish completely until done (check internal temperature)

Never put uncooked fish onto the grill as this could cause burning or even poisoning. Instead, use a plate to hold the fish while it cooks, or invest in a good quality grill pan that will help ensure better grilled fish every time.

Once the fish is cooked through, take it out and let it rest before serving. This way, it won’t get soggy and/or lose too much moisture.

Serve with salad

how to grill fish on a stove

After cleaning your fish, cut it into serving pieces. Now, you will want to cook it! To start, put your grill pan or skillet in the oven to warm up.

Once hot, take out the grill pan and brush some olive oil onto it. When the oil is warmer, mix together an ingredients packet that contains salt, pepper, and other flavorings such as lemon juice, garlic powder, and paprika.

Now, coat both sides of your fresh fish fillets or steaks thoroughly in this mixture. Make sure to spread it on all areas of the fish.

When everything is set, return the grilled meat to the grill pan or skillet. Cook each side for 4-6 minutes per one inch of thickness. A good tip is to turn the heat down slightly after the first two minutes so the cooked surface has time to dry out.