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How To Grill Mahi Mahi For Fish Tacos

Grilling meat is one of our favorite culinary arts. When done right, grilled meat can be delicious and served with many things. One classic dish that has become very popular is fish tacos! Afish tacois made by filling soft, thin rice or flour tortillas with cooked flaky white fish like cod or halibut mixed in with fresh vegetables and salsa.

However, not every city or region has all of the ingredients needed to make authentic fish tacos. That’s why we have some fun alternatives in this article! These alternative recipes are totally valid ways to make fish tacos at home and they will almost certainly satisfy your craving just as much as the original recipe would.

Peel mahi mahi

how to grill mahi mahi for fish tacos

The next step in how to grill mahimahi is to peel off the skin, or as some like to call it, buttery layer. This can be done either using a paper plate and knife or with use of a meat slicer.

Once this step has been completed, wash the mahi mahi thoroughly under running water to remove all leftover grilling juices. Now, it is ready to cook!

How to grill mahi mahi

To make fish tacos, start by spreading 1/4 cup of avocado per person onto a piece of fresh white bread. Add one quarter of the cooked mahi mahi to each slice of toast.

Pat mahi mahi dry

how to grill mahi mahi for fish tacos

When cooking fish like flounder or mahimahi, people usually get hung up in how to cook it. The biggest issue is making sure that it does not taste too dry! If you grill your fish as America would say- with butter or olive oil on it, this can be done wrong.

When baking or grilling fish, make sure to keep an eye on it and give it a good amount of time to roast or bake. This will also depend on what kind of fish you are using! For example, thicker whitefish such as trout need less time than darker meaty fish like salmon.

Brush mahi mahi with oil

how to grill mahi mahi for fish tacos

After washing your grill, you will need to brush the grill grates with either olive or vegetable oil. This helps promote even heating and prevents burning or smoking of the meat.

Olive oil is typically more neutral in flavor so it can be used with almost any type of food. Many people use butter as the oil because it contains some milk which makes it easier to spread on the grill. Just make sure that the milk solidifies before putting the grilled foods onto a plate!

You do not have to use olive oil however. You can pick up cheap olive oil at grocery stores and spray brands are also available at most big box retailers.

Cook mahi mahi on high heat

how to grill mahi mahi for fish tacos

When cooking fish like mahimahi or other grill favorites, such as salmon, trout, or striped bass, there is an important thing that most people do wrong! Most of these recipes call for low-medium cooked meat with watery liquid underneath it.

This method will not work when grilling fish because this wetness would stick to the grill, preventing browning and overcooking the meat. What you need to do instead is cook the fish until it is almost fully charred on all sides and then rest it before serving so it can relax and retain its shape.

Once it has rested, cut it into bite size pieces and put it in a taco shell or bed of salad greens to eat.

Flip mahi mahi halfway through cooking

how to grill mahi mahi for fish tacos

The next step in grilling mahi mahi is flipping it. When baking or broiling, timing can be your biggest challenge! If you wait too long, the fish will stick to the grill, making removal difficult.

As with any meat, make sure to let the protein cook slightly beyond what time it says on the recipe to ensure that it is fully cooked and of good quality. This applies more so when saucing the meat as well!

To prevent burning or overcooking the outside, start with lower temperatures and work upward. You may also want to invest in a grilled pan or rack to keep the fish upright while it cooks. Both are very helpful in creating beautifully browned, crisp edges!

Never put water on the grill, this could result in smoke coming into contact with the food which both would not taste great.

Serve mahi mahi on tortillas with your favorite toppings

how to grill mahi mahi for fish tacos

When it comes to grilling fish, there are two main types: grilled fresh fish or smoked dried fish. The best way to grill either is in an oven or on a grill! Either method works well if you know how to cook the fish properly first.

When cooking dry-fish like tuna or salmon, make sure to warm up the pan or plate that will hold the fish before putting it onto the grill. This helps promote browning of the fish and it tastes better than raw white meat.

For flaky white fish such as mahi mahi, do not overcook it because this can cause the fish to become very dense and flavorless. Grilling mahi mahi just right is a trick some professionals seem to have mastered.

Practice how to grill mahi mahi!

Grilling is a pretty universal cooking technique that doesn’t require any special equipment aside from a grill. When grilling meat, there are two main things you should be careful of: over-cooking it and burning it.

Grilling also creates great flavor due to all of the different chemicals in the meat itself. As we know, humans are chemical beings, so giving your taste buds something new to enjoy is an excellent way to satisfy hunger pangs!

When baking or roasting vegetables, like carrots or potatoes, the grill helps them to brown slightly and develop rich flavor. This article will talk about some recipes using grilled mahi mahi as part of the recipe!

Now let’s get into some tips for grilling fish.

Tips for cooking fish!

how to grill mahi mahi for fish tacos

When it comes time to cook your mahi mahi, you will want to make sure that it is not overly dry. If you like crispy skin, then start with higher temperatures so it dries out slightly before finishing lower.

If you like more soft baste, then begin by grilling it at high heat and then lowering the temperature.

Remember that fat content makes a difference in how cooked your mahi mahi gets. The thinner flaky white meat will finish much less than the thicker red or silver flesh.