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Best Grilled Tuna

When it comes to grilled fish, people have all sorts of recipes and strategies for every kind of fish. There are those that suggest broiling or pan-frying the fish first and then grilling it later. Others grill their fish raw in olive oil with salt and pepper as flavorings.

We’re going to take a look at one of our favorite types of tuna: albacore.

Albacore is a light white meat fish made of flaky soft protein. The best way to cook this fish is either hot roast style (like chicken) or cold roast style (like steak). And just like other red meats, albacore loves brown sugar!

And now you know how to make the most delicious grilled albacore ever! Keep reading for the recipe and the rest of the tips.

Grilled tuna and roasted vegetables

best grilled tuna

When it comes to grilled fish, one of our favorite recipes is grilling plain old white albacore or yellow fin tuna and mixing it with some fresh spinach and tomatoes and drizzling it all in olive oil.

This recipe works because the tartness of the tomato and the creaminess of the avocado offset each other. It also gives your palate a break from the strong flavors of the sauce which makes it more enjoyable to eat.

The proportions we suggest are one part tuna per two parts green veggie matter and one part fat (avocado or olive oil). Make sure to season the tuna before cooking it and to cook it slightly longer than normal so that it is fully cooked and flaky.

Grilled tuna is an easy way to start practicing your grill skills as you have a limited amount of ingredients.

Grilled tuna steak

best grilled tuna

When it comes to grilled fish, there are two main types of recipes. One type is for people who prefer very fresh fish and have access to good quality seafood. These individuals like to grill their fish just until it becomes slightly pink in color and flakey at the touch of a fork.

The other type of grilling enthusiast likes more flavor and richness. They cook their meat longer so that it flavors the pan in which it is cooked and they usually use salt or dried herbs to contribute additional taste.

When talking about the second type of grilled fish, most people know what kind of fish to order. Most often it’s salmon, trout, or brook-fed black bass. With any of these fishes you will normally see them paired with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and garlic.

However, not all versions of each of those ingredients are equal. Having an adequate amount of acidity is important when using balsamic vinegar as a cooking liquid. Too much can actually hurt the texture of your food, so make sure to mix it into your sauce properly!

With the right balance of acids in place, I would recommend starting off with one tablespoon of balsamic per half cup of water. You can then slowly add more as needed to achieve its full potential.

Heat up the grill

best grilled tuna

When cooking raw meat, you want to make sure that it is heated through completely before putting it in the oven or cooking it elsewhere. This will ensure that it cooks properly and taste-wise, it does not suffer from overcooking.

When baking cooked meats at low temperatures like broil or toast, they can burn due to leftover heat.

Make a salad

best grilled tuna

For those who are more novice grilled fish chefs, do not worry! Even if you have never cooked tuna before, grilled sushi-style tuna is a pretty easy recipe to follow. Once you get the hang of it, you can start experimenting with different types of tuna such as albacore, yellow tail, or even big eye.

Making your own salads is another way to enjoy this delicious food. If you like spicy dishes, wasabi may be added to taste. You can also add avocado for some healthy fats and flavor.

Once again, unless you are very careful to avoid raw meat, there is no need to cook the tartar sauce first. It can be mixed into the tuna directly after cooking.

Serve with French bread

best grilled tuna

When choosing to grill your tuna, what kind of surface you have as well as how hot or cold the grill is can make a difference in taste. The temperature of your grill matters!

Grilling temperatures vary slightly depending upon the thickness of the meat. Thicker pieces of seafood like swordfish and tuna are grilled a little higher to ensure that all parts brown properly and taste good.

Thinner fish like flounder and salmon can easily burn which will result in an unpalatable flavor. To avoid this, cook them until the outside is golden and caramelized just like steak! This process is called searing. Make sure to check out our article about tips for cooking steak beautifully.

Once the fish is seared and cooked through, it’s time to season and eat! If desired, whisk together some olive oil, lemon juice, and pepper and serve alongside the sliced fish.

Use as a topping for noodles

best grilled tuna

When buying tuna, make sure it is fresh! If you see there are pieces of pink meat within the block that look like blood, do not buy it- this may contain spoiled flesh or even feces!

Tuna can easily be your favorite food group if done right. When choosing grilled white albacore tuna, top pasta or rice with one to two ounces per serving. May also have vegetables such as broccoli or asparagus added onto the plate.

When baking the fish, bake medium-low (275 degrees F) for five minutes and then check don’t check until completely cooked through. This way, part of the raw taste is removed and it will keep its flavor more than just plain old solid fat.

Try it with pasta

best grilled tuna

When cooking tuna, thickness is an important factor. Thin slices of white or albacore can taste very raw and buttery. People usually like lower-fat foods, so most recipes call for cooked noodles or rice to accompany your grilled tuna.

Thick chunks of fresh Atlantic bluefin or canned light olive oil packed chunk tuna are excellent additions to this recipe. If you have leftover pasta or rice, add some tomato sauce and seasonings and eat it as a meal!

Cook the pasta or top off the rice with cheese and/or herbs and salt to taste. Add the sliced avocado and grill until warm and creamy. Serve hot with the pasta or rice to enjoy all of the flavors more quickly.

Combine with other grilled meats

best grilled tuna

When it comes to choosing whether or not to eat fish, one of the biggest debates is whether to grill it raw, broiled, or cooked under water. While most people agree that all types of fish are nutritious for you, there is some disagreement about which style of cooking is the best.

Grilling under water can sometimes dry out your meat depending on the thickness of the fish. This may also burn or overcook the outside due to drying out before baking time. Broiling can result in poor taste and texture because of burning or charring of the flesh. The ideal way to cook almost any type of seafood is by either hot-griddling (cooking it directly over flames) or pan-broiling (sauteing it in olive oil or butter).

There are several good varieties of tuna available these days. Most grocery stores will have solid white albacore or pink lox variety.

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