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Flat Top Grill Accessories You Must Have For Your Outdoor Griddle

Smoker basket

A smoker basket is used to collect smoke as it comes out of your chimney. Since many fires produce a lot of smoke, having a way to contain that is important.

A small bucket with a lid will work well; you can purchase these at home goods stores or online. This help contain the thick, gaseous flames that come out of the fire.

You can also use large trash cans if you have those around. They can be purchased empty or already filled with waste.

It is recommended to put a large metal plate inside the inner basket to catch any flaming materials that might escape when you throw them onto the fire.

This helps prevent damage to your house or property.

Steel plates

A steel plate is essential to hold meats, vegetables or other items while they are being served.

A quality beef or pork riblet (plate) will make a great meal-offering at your next dinner party.

It can be stored in your fridge until it’s needed, making it easy to pop into the oven when you put out food for your family or friends. It serves as an inexpensive placemat, keeping everyone busy digging into their meals.

Meat and potato dishes taste better when done around a wooden table with good meat and potatoes accessories available.

Invest in some china/linen pieces to serve foods like eggs, salads, and light dinners. You can buy disposable plastic ware or create your own from paper, but avoid using wax papers because they melt too easily.

These tend to be more expensive, but are worth every penny if you want to give yourself enough room to breathe and have some extra money to spend.

Fold-up menu boards

This is one of the most popular items from our flat top grill accessories collection. When you need more room to spread out, go for the fold-up tray.

It comes with welded ends so it can’t slide around on your table or other surface. And it also has handles which make it easy to lift.

You can find these at better kitchen supply stores or online. Check out for link to products.

Chopping boards

They are made of sturdy materials, are easy to find, and can be purchased at your local grocery store or online. If you do not have one already, get yourself a chopping board.

It will speed up your cooking time greatly! Also, make sure that it is easily sharable with friends and family. Whether you are hosting a dinner party or needing to serve a lot of people, a chopping board will help everyone work smoothly and efficiently.

A large enough cutting board may even be good for pre-cooking meals so you can just chop them once and cook them right away, then throw them into the microwave or if you’re able, give them a quick stir and bake them instead!

Give yourself some food prep versatility by having several types of sandwich cutters in your kitchen. There is no wrong way to use them, they are mostly self explanatory.

Used as directed, these handy tools can also increase efficiency by organizing foods more efficiently. They can also be used as blenders or purees for baby snacks.

Springform pan

A springform pan is a round cake pans with fluted edges that allows for easy removal of the dessert. It has a split top, allowing you to pour in your filling while the bottom creates an enclosed base.

This design is what enables you to use any flavor or combination of ingredients you want without having to fold up the sides.

You can find springform pans at most supermarkets these days, but if you cannot find them, you can always order one online.

They are usually inexpensive- some even as low as $20!

The only downside to using a springform pan is that it requires more effort to prepare food than other methods (you have to add water to the inside and then put the lid on). However, this does allow for easier access to get someone else to help you.

Also, because there’s no oven involved, you don’t have to worry about heating the container all the way through which could be harmful.

Baking sheets

No cooking album here! Both types of baking sheets are highly recommended if you’re looking to get some baked goods done outside. They make it easy to transfer your hot chocolate or dessert into a waiting dish for delivery or sharing.

Each cookie sheet holds about ten two-ounce muffins, small cakes, or other desserts.

They come in either metal or plastic (which is glass). The plastic ones have the benefit of being lightweight and making cleanup easier.

But they tend to cost more.

Large bowl

This is by far one of the most important items on this list. A large bowl is going to be necessary to hold all of your ingredients while you’re cooking, as well as for washing up afterward.

A 2-1/2 quart (or 22 liters) size bowl would probably work best, although 4 quarts (4 litres) could also be used if smaller. Both glass or plastic bowls can be found at any grocery store or specialty kitchen supply shop, in either countertop or disposable cardboard containers.

If you want to save some money, go through other recipes wanting different sizes of bowls. See what ones get thrown away and try buying these pieces of equipment second-hand.

You may still find a few more items around your house with an extra set of hands!

These kinds of things can really add up quickly. Each time you use something from home, it’s because you had to do that task twice – once when you washed it and again when you used it again.

It will only take a couple minutes longer to wash each item, but over time that adds up.

Consider investing in a hand cleaner and drying tool to help out here. It also helps to have several storage spaces for keys, phones, etc.

Small bowl

This is by far one of the most important small accessories that you can add to your griddle. A small bowling ball with an attached paddle is a fantastic way to take advantage of something called a “bowling lie”.

These are essentially short, flat bumps found along the top of driveways and sidewalk. They’re made of stone or concrete and act as tiny skids which allow cars to slide easier down steep slopes.

By incorporating a small bowling ball into your design, you can easily create a functional accessory that also looks good. It also helps people learn how to manage driving speeds while parking.

This little piece of plastic makes it easy to grab multiple balls without having to get out of our car. I like to keep my speed control buttons accessible here so everyone gets in on the fun experience of putting their vehicle in park.

Get some smaller balls, too. These can be used for kids who don’t have athletic skills. Put them near roads so children know not to go outside.

It’s very hard to play sports in a house environment. But occasionally have them visit a friends house where they can spend time outdoors and enjoy themselves.