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Good Fish To Grill

Grilling is one of America’s favorite pastimes, whether you like it warm or hot. The perfect grill-top color depends on your personal taste, but we have some hard and fast rules for the best colors for grilling.

The first rule is that white meat can be cooked just as easily on an orange grill as on a black grill. This means that if you love chicken breasts, there’s no reason to avoid buying a pack of ten because you don’t want to wash all those greys off!

Grays are your friend when it comes to grilled meats. A few shades darker than the natural flesh color makes for a better looking piece of food. If you’re ever in doubt, throw some pieces of raw meat onto your grill and see what happens!

That said, we recommend investing in good quality charcoal or gas grills so that you don’t need to worry too much about flavor. The chemicals used to make the grill burn more efficiently will take away some of the depth of flavor of the meat.

Red snapper

good fish to grill

When red snapper is cooked right, it can be flaked like soft bread and eaten with your hands! This style of eating is called grilled-stick or butterflied cooking. The most common way to cook red snapper is either broil/grill or pan fry (also referred to as skillet frying). If you grill it too long, it will get dry and tough. If you cook it longer in the pan, it will burn which does not taste good.

Broiling at least three to four minutes per side makes for great cooked fish that people can enjoy directly from the grill or oven. Once finished, let it rest until warm before serving so it does not lose flavor due to hot temperatures. Because red snapper loves salt, make sure to season both the inside and outside while cooking. No need to add extra if you are using the seasoned brine!

If you love fried foods, then try making French fries or waffle fries with fresh red snapper fillets.

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