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How Good Are Sage Coffee Machines

Recent reports claim that there is an expensive, easy way to make high quality coffee at home! Companies have designed special machines or supplies that contain aromatic oils that help create perfect espresso and other drinks. These oils are typically sold in sprucing up your drink recipes or as standalone products for flavor.

Some of these oils cost over $100 per bottle, making them very pricey if you are not a frequent barista. However, many people believe these oils do not expire and they will keep using them until they run out!

This article will talk about one such oil that can sometimes be found for less than $10 a bottle- sage! Before we dive into some uses for this oil, let’s discuss what makes a good espresso machine.

What Is An Excellent Machine?

When it comes down to it, most people agree that having a good machine is mostly about two things: consistency and accuracy.

A consistent maker means that every time you use the machine, the made beverage tastes the same, every time. This could be due to it producing the exact same amount of liquid each time, or by it mixing together all of the ingredients properly.

Accuracy is also important because without it, the beverages may taste different depending on how much acidity or sugar was in the recipe. Having a reliable maker takes care of this by setting levels correctly.

Both of these points depend heavily upon which type of drink you want to make.

How to choose a sage machine

Choosing an all-purpose coffee maker is much like choosing new shoes! You want to make sure you look for solid materials that are durable and will last. Likewise, you want to make sure it feels sturdy in your hand so you can trust it to do its job.

Some key features of good espresso machines include programmable settings, temperature control, easy access to parts, and intuitive use. Make sure these things are clear and easily accessible!

Sage makes some of the best drip brew systems around. They are affordable, very reliable, and feature lots of user-friendly qualities. If you are looking to start experimenting with different types of drinks or making your own additions such as milk or cream, then try one out!


To be super efficient, most people agree that you should have at least two high quality grinders and brewers. One for pre-ground beans and another for ground powdery substances such as cocoa powder or coconut water. With both of those covered, you can now focus on brewing either espresso or regular brewed beverages.

You don’t need an expensive device to get great results but thinking about what type of drink you want to produce and which tweaks you would like to add can help determine the right tool for you.

Price is a big factor

how good are sage coffee machines

While there are many brands that offer very good quality sage coffee makers, none of them can be said to be completely cost-effective unless you purchase in large quantities. These expensive models will also not last long because they are usually made using plastic or ceramic which require frequent cleaning.

Sage makes its own line of high end espresso and drip style coffeemakers that are priced around $150 – $200 per unit.

However, we have found some lower price alternatives that work just as well if not better than their more expensive counterparts!

Price is one of the main factors when it comes to choosing between different types of sage coffee machines. The best way to use sage is by either making dried leaves into a tea or rubbing the dry herb onto your water before brewing. Both methods requires repeated manual manipulation which takes time and can result in loss of the herb if done improperly. This results in less flavor and/or no flavor at all!

The worst case scenario would be leaving the bottle out for hours while the scent evaporates, leaving only an unpleasant smell.

Read reviews

how good are sage coffee machines

As mentioned earlier, there are several different brands of coffee makers that claim to be more efficient than others. Some have thicker or thinner brews, take longer to warm up, use more water, and/or cost more money. Luckily, you can easily check all of these things across many websites and forums!

Most companies will allow you to read their customer reviews. Unfortunately, not every site allows users to leave comments so it is best to remain neutral most of the time. If possible, try using a machine yourself first before leaving a review as this may help prevent false claims being made.

By reading other people’s reviews, however, you will get an overall feel for how well each model works. Many sites now offer interactive charts too which give even more detail.

Look for good quality

how good are sage coffee machines

Even though they are expensive, there is still a way to go cheap when it comes to buying a new espresso machine. Many companies that make coffee machines offer several different models at various price points designed to be just as good if not better than their more expensive counterparts!

There are many brands that have low cost options that perform extremely well. Some of the best knowns include Allgeier, Gevo, Krugguard, Prestige, and Technivorm. All of these manufacturers produce some of the most highly acclaimed espresso makers around!

Many people believe that using a higher end machine will yield better results due to the precision in how the water and espresso get mixed together and where each element of the process takes place. This really does matter when trying to achieve perfection!

However, you do not need to spend a large amount of money to enjoy great espressos once again! There are plenty of excellent sage coffee maker alternatives out there that can keep your budget relatively level.

Do you need a new filter?

how good are sage coffee machines

A newer model of coffee maker comes with an automatic cleaning system! This feature automatically washes down the machine every few weeks or months depending on how often you use it.

Most people do not realize that this device does more than just wash the glass pot and filters, it also cleans the work surface where the espresso is brewed!

This can include using plastic tools like milk frothers or steam wand covers, as well as hard surfaces such as a stove top. The removable plate at the end of the espresso machine is another area most people miss when trying to clean their machine.

These things can become clogged up from burnt off oils in your brew and build up residue over time, seriously slowing down the brewing process. An additional cost for wasted espresso could be spending extra money to make enough quality drinks!

Luckily, these systems are very inexpensive and are typically paid for during the initial purchase of the machine. If you ever change brands or models, you get to re-buy this part free of charge!”


Sage has been producing high quality coffee makers since 2001, and they have some of the best reviews around. Many people praise them for being easy to use and having lots of features. Some even say that their intuitive nature saved them from buying another brand before switching to sage.

With that said, there are still some people who don’t feel that their sage brewer is worth its price tag.

Is it sensitive to water?

how good are sage coffee machines

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important things you can do for your coffee is have adequate water! If your machine is not indicating that it has enough water, then try running it through a full water cycle (or wash) once again.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to start from scratch and find a new espresso maker. This could be due to poor quality components or damage done during installation or use.

Sage makes some of the best brewers in the industry so I would recommend trying another model before giving up. They are more expensive than average models but they last longer which is an investment in savings.

Do they come with a grinder?

how good are sage coffee machines

While not every model comes with a built-in grinder, most do at least offer an attachment for you to purchase one. Some even have universal attachments that work with many types of grinders!

This is very important because after using your coffee machine, you will need to quickly process and use up all of the ground coffee. Luckily, there are lots of ways to easily add a grinder to your sage coffee maker.

Some companies make it easy to connect their own brand grinder to your sage brewer. This way, you don’t have to invest in a separate piece of equipment!

However, there are also times when this isn’t the case. For example, some sages don’t contain enough space to fit a regular size burr grinder. Or, the connectors may only be designed to work with a certain style or type of grinder.

It can get confusing trying to figure out which ones work with yours so it is best to do some research before investing in one.

Do you like the brand?

how good are sage coffee machines

I have always loved St Bernard’s because my mom works for them so I get to use their machines at work all the time, but recently I found another one that I really love. It is much cheaper! While they are both excellent brands with great reviews, I decided to compare some features between the two.

I tested out both types of coffeemakers by making myself a pot of coffee in each style. This included how long it took to brew the coffee, how easy it was to fill the water tank, and if it made good espresso.

I also tried to taste the brewed coffee as well as any scent coming from the machine. None of these things matter very much to me, but some people may want to evaluate this more closely depending on what kind of flavor they prefer.

Why am I telling you all of this information? Because there is an important difference between using a manual brewer like the St Bernard’s and an automatic brewer like the Moka Express.

This article will talk about why different brewers take different amounts of time to make your preferred amount of coffee, along with some tips on using yours.

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