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How Long Do Breville Coffee Machines Last

With any piece of kitchenware, how long you use it before replacing it is an important factor in determining whether or not it’s worth investing in. If you use your coffee maker daily and only buy new ones when their warranty expires, then that’s totally fine! But if you are buying them to use for just about every morning ritual, it can add up quickly.

Fortunately, there are some great ways to identify if a product has its manufacturer’s warranty ending soon and what to do if it does. So, keep reading to learn more!

What is a manufacturer’s warranty?

A warranty gives the seller guranteeing the quality of their products. A seller will include warranties with products they sell so that customers know they will be supported should something go wrong.

Typically this takes the form of either replacement or repair. Replacement usually means giving your current product away while buying a new one, whereas repair means fixing your current product. However, not all sellers include both types of warranties – make sure to check yours first!

The lengthier the warranty, the higher the price-tag typically is, which may deter people looking to invest in a new machine. Unfortunately, too many companies opt out of offering one altogether, making it difficult for potential buyers to be certain they will get support should anything go wrong.

They are very long lasting

how long do breville coffee machines last

When you purchase a Breville espresso machine, they include a one year warranty. This means that if anything goes wrong within this period, You can get it repaired or replaced free of charge!

That’s not all though, they also include what is called ‘Extended Warranty’. This comes in the form of twice your original buying price per piece to buy an additional 1 year guarantee. So for example, if you bought our Standard Espresso Machine package at £250, then you would receive 2 x £50 vouchers so that total cost was only £500 instead of the initial £750.

This really does give you enough time to try out the coffee maker before having to decide whether to keep it or not! If however, you do want to return or exchange it, then this gives you more opportunities to do so without spending too much money.

Always use fresh beans

how long do breville coffee machines last

Even though they are expensive, breville coffee machines require only dry roasted arabica or robusta style ground espresso powder to make delicious beverages. Because of this, it is very important that you always use freshly grinded espresso beans when using your machine.

If you find yourself with run out of espresso powder quickly, you can simply purchase another batch and mix them in! No need to start from scratch.

The same goes for if you ran low on milk froths or creams- You can just buy those as well! None of these things contain any sugar, so you don’t have to worry about running out of that either.

Clean your machine thoroughly

how long do breville coffee machines last

While not mentioned in their manual, there is an easy way to tell if this model of coffee maker will work for you is to try making a pot of coffee using it. If it makes terrible tasting coffee or does not froth up properly, it was not able to establish a good vacuum seal with the water container!

This can indicate two things: The plastic cup that holds the water may have been contaminated after some past use, or the foam control system may not be working correctly.

You should be able to easily wipe down the carafe with a clean cloth and make sure the spout is laying flat without bubbles. You could also try running hot tap water through it to see if that helps.

If these steps do not work, you should look into returning or exchanging this item as products like this one are not sold online.

Use fresh water

how long do breville coffee machines last

Although it may seem obvious, do not use dried up or low quality water when making your coffee! This could cause poor flavor or even burnt grounds.

Breville makes some of the best espresso machines around! Their newer models have good reviews all over the web. That is why they are such popular products; people love them!

However, like any other tool, these devices need to be used correctly to get the most out of them. An important part of using a breville machine is having high-quality water.

Water should be clear with no additives in it. You can also check if there is chlorine in the water by pouring a few drops into a glass bottle and observing whether it goes orange/brown. Make sure that you always have enough for the best possible brew every time.

Do not use with too many drinks in a row

how long do breville coffee machines last

My last coffee machine was my VSTB Precision Plus Thermal Iced Cup System. It had an insulated mug that held up to a 6-cup tank of water and two temperature settings, hot or iced.

It also had an automatic shut off after six minutes if there wasn’t any more liquid left in the drink. If you lose track of what time it is, just pull out your phone!

The only thing I didn’t like about this coffee maker was that it did not have a display for how much milk and cream you have in your drink. This can be tricky as some people prefer thicker beverages than others.

However, you do get a nice hazy look which some people find pretty appealing. So, while it isn’t totally perfect, it does its job. Unfortunately, the manufacturer discontinued production so it is now obsolete.

Change the water and filter

how long do breville coffee machines last

The first thing you should do if your Breville machine does not work is to change the water or use a different type of coffee maker drinkware.

Breville recommends using at least two shots (0.5 oz) of fresh, cold tap water for each 8-12 cups of brewed coffee to ensure that their components are properly dissolved.

They also suggest replacing the pre-filled water bottle with an unopened one to make sure it has no contaminants.

If this doesn’t work, try switching out the whole container for another one of similar size.

Avoid boiling water

how long do breville coffee machines last

While most people know that there are two ways to make coffee with their Breville machine, some less-experienced users may not realize what temperature liquid they need to pour into the cup size or how long the machine will maintain perfect temperatures before it needs to be re-sealed.

The first thing needed to make delicious espresso is water! When you open up your brew time dial, you must fill the tank with warm (not hot) liquid. This is because when the espresso comes in contact with cold liquid, it will freeze and ixsno lídeo de café!- no espresso!

After filling the pre-measured amount of milk or foam in your drink with cool liquid, put the top back on and turn the machine on. It should take about one minute for the drinks to finish processing and another minute to get the result. If you notice that your beverage is either completely white or very little color, then your liquid was probably heated longer than necessary!

Avoid heating your milk or water too much as this can affect the quality of the beverages you prepare.

Replace the machine if it starts to smoke

how long do breville coffee machines last

The last thing you want is a smoking coffee maker, particularly one that costs over $100! Thankfully, your group has some great tips for how to identify if this happens. If you feel the heat rising from the carafe or just the whole device feels warm, then it’s time to check.

If you ever have to perform service on your espresso maker, remember to take extra care not to scratch or damage the stainless steel shell of the device. Also, make sure to clean all parts thoroughly after each use as they can harbor sticky residues or burnt bits of ground up material.

Hopefully one of these tips helps save you in the event that yours needs servicing! Good luck out there.

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