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How Long Do Jura Coffee Machines Last

If you are reading this article, then you have probably already made the switch to espresso or coffee drinks! You have read some tips and tricks for making your beverages with perfection, but there is one major thing left out: how long your machine will last.

Having an expensive coffee maker break can be disastrous if you are not prepared. Luckily, we have some helpful information here for you. This article will discuss what types of machines they are like, and how to maintain them in order to make sure that nothing breaks down prematurely.

History of the Jura brand

how long do jura coffee machines last

The origin of the term ‘coffee maker’ comes from Switzerland, where there are strict regulations for how long you can leave milk in an espresso machine before it goes bad. Because these machines use steam to heat up the milk, they require very little energy to do so, making this process quite slow.

So instead of letting the milk go bad and creating hard, burnt cheese curds, people started leaving the milk inside the machine longer to see if it would melt down or not. If it did, then it was said to work! So, the first coffee makers were given a name of’melter’ due to this feature.

However, since most of the milk remained solid and needed to be heated again, people began steeping the powder in the leftover liquid. This way you get the same delicious flavor but with less hassle. These new devices are now referred to as pour-through brewers or even more specifically, cafetiere style brewers. They both refer to the same thing; you put water into a pot attached to the brewer, brew the drink, and drain the used fluid at the bottom.

Over the past few decades, companies have made their own versions of this design, building them just like professional baristas build theirs. Some improve upon the thermal regulation, some include additional features such as timers, and some create designs that are totally unique. All of which have become popular brands today.

How long do Jura coffee machines last?

how long do jura coffee machines last

As with any piece of equipment, how well your machine lasts depends largely on how careful you are with it. This means keeping it clean as much as possible, using correct settings for water temperature and length, and ensuring that it is stored properly.

Sadly, most people don’t take care of their espresso maker after purchase which can hurt its longevity. Because an old, broken down machine no longer makes quality beverages, many sellers discount the price to avoid having to throw away what usually costs around $300-400.

However, buying a new one doesn’t make sense if you want to keep up production levels so there is some middle ground. By investing in a good quality used one you get better value due to finding the exact same model cheaper elsewhere!

There are also lots of online resources where you can find out more about owning an espresso making device, how to use and maintain it, and tips for saving money by recycling or reusing instead of replacing.

Replace your machine once it starts to show any signs of wear

how long do jura coffee machines last

Even though our jura machines have an expensive price tag, they will likely last you several years before needing to be replaced. However, if there are warning signs like grinding that takes longer than expected or worse yet, no coffee being produced, then it is time to look at replacing your machine.

There are many online resources with tips for finding a new espresso maker. Many sellers also offer a warranty or risk-free trial period when buying a new machine.

We recommend doing some research and reading reviews to get a better understanding of what to expect from different models.

Store your machine properly

how long do jura coffee machines last

When your coffee maker stops working, you should take it down slowly to avoid breaking or damaging it. You can also make sure that it completely de-powers before taking it home as there are some models that cannot be reassembled without a complete cleaning first!

If you try to use the device after it has failed, you could cause more damage by having burning hot water if parts fail suddenly. Make sure to only switch off power at the source!

Sadly, most manufacturers do not include important tips for how to care for and repair their machines. But we have gathered some information here for you! Thankfully, it is quite simple to fix your own espresso maker!

Removing protective covers

You will need to remove the top cover of the machine to access the element that heats up the water. For many newer models this is done with embedded magnets, but older designs require glue or screws to be removed first.

Make sure to carefully pull out each piece using a tool such as a putty knife so as not to break anything! Once they are removed, wash them separately and dry thoroughly.

Avoid using a Jura coffee machine after it has been sitting for a long time

how long do jura coffee machines last

After years of reliable service, your espresso or cappuccino maker may need to be retired! This is totally normal as they are designed to break down eventually. However, you should make sure that you will not get poor quality beverages if you do not use this equipment within six months of having them repaired.

It is very important to never use an older model espresso maker unless it has completely dried up. If there is still water in it, this could mean poor quality drinks. Make sure to check out our article about tips for cleaning your machine.

As mentioned before, don’t buy a new one until the old one breaks down. Many people like to purchase new machines at the same manufacturer site every few years because of how well their previous models work.

However, by buying a newer model, you risk getting a low-quality drink due to the aging machinery. It is best to wait till the current model comes off the shelf before investing in your own.

Tips for baking with Jura

how long do jura coffee machines last

As mentioned earlier, all of our recipes in this article were made using either cream or milk as an ingredient! That is not the case always though- some people love having strong coffee in their baked goods without needing to use cream or milk as an additional liquid.

If you are one of these people, then we have some tips for you here! These tips will help ensure your baked good taste the same as what we gave them above – that’s if you want to keep it classic, of course 🙂

Tip number one: Use very warm water when making the espresso drink powder

This will contribute to the flavor of the beverage more than cold water would. Make sure to mix it well until there are no clumps left over!

And finally, remember to pour just enough so that there are no lumps left behind in the mug! You don’t want to be pouring too much fluid at this stage because that could cause the drink to overflow onto the surface area where it can congeal.

Jura coffee machines are expensive

how long do jura coffee machines last

While some claim that professional espresso makers use non-Jurian equipment, this is not true! Almost every bar in America has an espresso maker made by Just like your machine!

Most people believe that using higher quality equipment will result in better quality drinks, but what kind of quality? A good quality drink may be very strong or weak depending on how much milk and sugar you add to it.

A poorly prepared beverage can make someone sick or even give someone a false sense of taste happiness. This may affect someone’s mood for the rest of the day! The more money you spend on a machine, the longer it will last, but only if you take care of it correctly.

You should never boil your water nor should you ever remove the used water before cleaning the machine. Both of these could damage the internal parts of the machine. Make sure to always wash your machine with clean, lukewarm water and use a soft brush to clean all areas.

Cost of a new Jura coffee machine

how long do jura coffee machines last

While some claim that professional espresso machines are expensive, they are definitely not as costly as what people believe! A decent quality espresso machine will typically cost you around $500-600. The average person can easily spend less than that to start enjoying delicious espressos!

Professional grade equipment does take an up-front investment but it is totally worth it in terms of taste and consistency. Many companies have beginner level products with very good quality espresso at a low price.

There are many ways to get great tasting espresso without breaking the bank. Having your own espresso maker or pot is one of the best things you can do if you love drinking espressos!

Some brands that are popular include Melitta (bought by Prestige), Gevalia (purchased by La Marzocco), and OXO (company owned by Keurig). All three of these manufacturers are known for their top performing brewers and espresso makers.

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