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How To Use Coffee Machine In Cafe

Having a cafe with good service is always a challenge as there’s never really an end to how many people you have waiting for your next order. Between making sure each person has what they need, figuring out what drinks and food to make so that everyone loves it, and keeping up with all of the supplies, running a successful cafe can get expensive fast!

Fortunately, most major chain restaurants use coffee machines these days which makes it easy to enter into the business domain. A common type of coffee machine used in cafes is called an espresso maker or simply an espresso pot.

These are great because not only do they make delicious beverages, but they also utilize steam to quickly warm up pre-made milk froths or foams. This article will go over everything you needed to know about using an espresso pot correctly! If you’re already working in the hospitality industry, this information may be familiar and/or helpful.

If you’re new to the field, this may give you some tips and tricks to become more efficient in the kitchen.

Run water and wash dishes

how to use coffee machine in cafe

Whilst most people agree that making your own coffee is an excellent way to save money, some may not know how to use their coffeemaker properly.

Mostly this comes down to running water and washing up afterwards!

If you want to use your machine at its best then make sure it gets enough attention after brewing. Check if it has any warning signs of malfunction or damage. If it does, take care of it immediately as these can be expensive fixes.

Look for drips, bubbles and foam that have settled in the carafe or pot. These must be removed as they could potentially burn you or stain the device.

Once all the excess liquids are dried off, rinse both parts under cold water until completely dry.

Do the dishes

how to use coffee machine in cafe

While some people may feel that letting others do the work is a way to save money, it can actually cost you more in the long run. By leaving this task for someone else, they will likely hire their own help or take advantage of you as an employee. Either way, you get paid less per hour than if you were trained on how to manage the equipment and supplies yourself.

Some things like washing pots and pans or making sure there are no leftover scraps left over from lunch for tomorrow’s meal goes a lot towards keeping your restaurant clean and looking its best. If you want to keep your income level high, you should be willing to spend time cleaning up after other people have spent time serving food and drinking beverages.

Cleaning the coffee machine used for business comes with its own set of rules. First, make sure there are not too many items in the pot when it is done. Many machines have a setting where you can check whether the water has completely dried out, but never use this until everything in the pot has been cleaned properly! This could include sand, dirt, burnt grounds, and acid which would all react with the metal parts and potentially ruin the device.

Fluff dry your clothes

how to use coffee machine in cafe

In this era of fast-moving technology, having a machine that can do something simple is becoming less common. Luckily, most coffee makers now have an option to let you fluff or tumble your dried clothing. This costs some additional money, but it’s totally worth it!

Most people know that when you wash fresh fruits and vegetables, they get slightly stinky as they lose their natural moisture. But what few realize is that leftover food also leaves a layer of grease behind. This greasy residue will stick to other materials like fabrics, and then water won’t remove it very well.

This process happens quickly once you start washing lots of things, and can leave your freshly washed items feeling icky and fuzzy. To avoid this, we usually recommend hanging them up outside to dry, but sometimes this isn’t possible. For these times, tumbling is your best bet.

In addition to giving your clothes a nice fluffy feel, rolling clothes through a small tube causes the air to collide with the surface of the material, which removes any lingering oils and chemicals.

Run water to flush the toilet

how to use coffee machine in cafe

After you use the washroom, make sure to run some water in the sink or flush the toilet before leaving! This was our number one tip that we learned as students at school.

Running the water removes all of the trace amounts of urine off the toilets and sinks so your next customer has access to clean equipment. It also helps get rid of any leftover smells which sometimes lingers for hours!

This will save your patron time in the long run by not needing to search through settings or try using the wrong thing while they are trying to enjoy their drink or food.

Check the oil level

how to use coffee machine in cafe

One of the things that can make use of your coffee machine break down is the engine, or what we call the oils. These oils function as lubricants for the parts of the machine so it does not stick or burn when you use it.

If this happens there may be a warning sign displayed which says “engine malfunction” or something similar. You should always check if the oil is visible before using the machine though because some people put fake oil in.

You do not need much oil for most machines but checking the level every now and then will help prevent any issues. Luckily, changing the oil in your espresso maker is quite easy!

Reminder: Make sure to wash your hands after touching the machine oil or grease otherwise you could hurt yourself or damage the machine more.

Add oil if needed

how to use coffee machine in cafe

In both types of machines, one important thing is how to start the machine. For most people, this is where many questions are asked!

How do you use an espresso maker? What kind of oils should I use for my milk froths? Most importantly, what type of oil does your coffee brewer require to work?

There are two main types of oils used for making beverages with an espresso or drip-style machine. These oils help create the perfect cup of coffee every time!

One type of oil is called “solvent” oil. This includes vegetable, mineral, liquid paraffin, and olive oils. All these oils can be melted down and mixed together to make a solution that works as a lubricant for the pump.

The other type of oil is called “premium” oil. These are usually pure fats such as butter or coconut oil. They solidify when cooled which helps keep the parts of the machine working properly.

Set the machine to the right temperature

how to use coffee machine in cafe

In fact, one of the most important things to know about using your coffee maker is how to set it up! Once you have used our tips for making sure your carafe is filled correctly, that you have enough milk or cream, and that the water is hot, then it is time to use your espresso machine.

The first thing you will need to do is make sure your machine is calibrated. This means that each element- like milk, water, and espresso liquid– are all at the correct temperatures.

Make and drink your favorite cup of coffee

how to use coffee machine in cafe

Along with having good quality beans, how you make your espresso or drip coffee makes a big difference. There are two main ways to make coffee- either using an automatic machine or using a manual machine.

With an automatic machine, the equipment does the work for you! An easy way to understand this is like what happens at restaurants. The chefs prepare the food while you sit and enjoy it. For the same reason, most coffeemakers have usability tests that help ensure quality beverages.

For making delicious drinks, there are three main components: water, milk, and ground up coffee. Since we already know how to use a kettle to warm up liquids, let’s take a look at boiling water first.

Boiling water can be done via a stove top, microwave, bougie (aka tea light), vacuum pot, urn, kettle, etc. This article will focus on using a bougie to boil liquid. Once boiled, add your chosen amount of milk and stir thoroughly.

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