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Stove Top Grilled Fish

When it comes to grilled fish, there are two main types: hot-breaded or buttery. Both contain olive oil, but one uses bread crumbs as a binder while the other uses melted butter. We will be doing the second type here!

The key difference between the two is timing. The butter method calls for waiting until the butter has fully melted down before tossing in the fish. This allows the butter to coat all of the fish more completely, creating very high praise for this recipe.

However, if you start cooking the fish with the butter already melted then it will burn. If this happens, use lower temperatures when baking the finished product and/or use thinner pieces of fish so that it doesn’t take longer to cook through.

Another tip is to fry up some plain white rice and mix that into the leftover butter to keep the grill clean. Let cool and add sugar to make chocolate sauce which can be drizzled over the cooked fish.

Overall, we hope you enjoy making and eating our grilled trout! It is one of our favorite dishes to make at home.

How to grill fish correctly

stove top grilled fish

When it comes to grilled fish, timing is everything! The best way to cook any kind of fish is by either hot- or cold-breaded. With hot-breaded fish, the breading process takes around 10 minutes to complete.

For the breading process, you will need to start with white bread (I like pita bread) and then seasonings such as salt and pepper. Next, fry the bread in olive oil until golden and crispy. This will give your bread some flavor and texture.

Once the bread is done, put the seasoned bread aside and add the fish to the pan. Cook the fish for three to five minutes per side depending on the thickness of the fish.

After the fish is cooked through, remove from the heat and set aside. To serve, cut the fish into pieces and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.

Make a marinade

stove top grilled fish

While making grilled fish at home is not difficult, there are some things that you must be sure to do before cooking it. The first thing is to make a grill or baking sauce- this can be a recipe, mix, or mixture of ingredients.

Many recipes call for olive oil as an ingredient but tumeric is much more powerful so try those instead! Tumeric has many uses; it may help in improving your overall health, acting as a natural dye for meat and cookware, and adding flavor to foods.

You will also need to brush the surface of the fish with the prepared acidity to ensure that the salt does not burn off during cooking, which would potentially taste bad. Finally, when cooking the fish, make sure to remain conscious of how hot the pan gets, as well as whether the fish is browning properly.

Know how to read a recipe

stove top grilled fish

While not every fish can be grilled like steak, there are some that can easily be cooked using the grill method we mentioned here! Most of these fishes can also taste great when grilled and cook beautifully even in very high temperatures.

The trick is knowing what temperature your fish should be cooked at. The temperature depends on the fish kind and thickness. Thin flaky white meat fish like cod or halibut will take slightly less time than thicker ones like salmon or trout.

Thickier fish need more time to roast due to their density.

Substitute ingredients

stove top grilled fish

When grilling fish, you can usually just use recipes as is! Most recipes call for olive oil or butter to be used in the grill and/or baking powder to create an alkaline layer that helps dry out the meat slightly.

To make grilled fish more interesting, try using different oils or types of breading materials like corn flakes instead of traditional wheat flour. The flavor will differ, but they both work well!

Another option is to broil your fish instead of cooking it directly over heat. This takes longer, so watch it carefully and take extra care when slicing to avoid burning yourself.

Serve with salads

stove top grilled fish

While grilled fish is great in its own right, there are some recipes that take it to another level. One of these is our recipe for stove top grilled fish!

This grill-cooked dish comes with a few surprises. For one, you don’t have to use butter or olive oil to make it. You can use coconut milk instead!

And even though whitefish like trout, flounder, and cod work well in this recipe, we recommend trying blackened salmon as well. It has a similar flavor and texture and both are delicious!

Another surprise is that although the sauce seems light, it actually pairs very well with the taste of the fish. Because of this, you won’t need too much of it.

We hope you enjoy making this grilled fish recipe and sharing it with your friends and family! If you do, be sure to give us a round up or comment on this article and let people know how to try this recipe out for themselves.

Ways to serve grilled fish

When it comes time to actually cook your fish, how you prepare it will make a big difference! There are several ways to grill or broil fish depending on what kind of fish you have and what type of flavor you want to achieve.

The most common way to cook fresh fish is either hot-broiled or pan-seared. For hot-broiled fish, simply bake the fish at 450°F (230ºC) for 10 minutes and then keep cooking it until it barely flickers in the oven. The second option is pan-searing, where you coat the cooked side of the fish with olive oil and then roast it directly on the stove top.

Stir-grilling is an excellent alternative if you like more crunchy flavors.

Eat it straight up

stove top grilled fish

When cooking fish at home, one of your best bets is to grill or broil it and then season it and eat it right away!

This way, it will taste more like what you would get at a restaurant because there are no leftover ingredients that may spoil or lose flavor.

You can also try grilling the whole piece of fish under high heat with olive oil and baste it as it cooks to give it an extra bit of flavor.

Make it into a sandwich

stove top grilled fish

While most people know how to make grilled cheese, few are familiar with what is called “griddled” fish or “grilling” fish sandwiches. These recipes call for pan-frying the fish until slightly brown and then topping it with toppings like ketchup, mayo, tomatoes, and pickled vegetables.

Once all of that is applied, roll up the fish and put it onto bread! This recipe makes for an excellent lunch or dinner option because you can easily eat it as one meal or have it as part of your day’t breakfast or snack.

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