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Thermador Coffee Machine How To Use

When you wake up in the morning, your first thought is probably about what you are going to have for breakfast. More likely than not, it will be something involving coffee or milk! Luckily, with all of those great appliances from Thermo Products, you do not need professional help making their espresso machine, stove, kettle, blender, to name a few!

Having these products does not make you more of an expert barista or chef, but they can save you time in the long run by doing some of the work for you! That is why we wanted to take this week’s article to talk about one of our favorite brands, Thermo Products. They are known for creating high quality cookware that makes cooking easy and enjoyable.

Their most famous product is almost certainly their All-Clad line of cookware. These are very well respected heavy duty cookware that has been around for years. If you ever watch food programs like Giada or Chef vs. Cook, they always praise All-Clads as the best cookware.

Fortunately for us, Thermo creates lots of other culinary equipment. One of my personal favorites is their Espresso Maker. This device is designed to make delicious espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes every time!

So today I would love to talk about one of my favorite features of the espresso maker – how to use the steam wand.

Pour the water

thermador coffee machine how to use

The next step is to pour in the water! Make sure you have your mug or cup ready, and position it correctly underneath the pitcher. Never put the pitcher directly onto the coffee machine because this could cause burning or even breakage of parts.

After pouring the liquid into the brewer, wait for a few seconds until the foam comes down. Once that happens, quickly pull up the lever or button to start the brewing process!

If the espresso strength you want has not set, then do not push the brew head away yet! Keep pulling the handle up till the right amount of pressure is met. When it is, let go and your drink will begin cycling through processing!

Once done, remove the cup or mug from under the dispenser and enjoy your new favorite beverage! If you like stronger beverages, then use a lighter weight glass to achieve that strong flavor. On the other hand, if you prefer more delicate flavors, use a heavier drinking vessel.

Choose the temperature you like

thermador coffee machine how to use

The final decision, tone, and flavor of your coffee depends on how warm or cold you make it. There are three main factors in determining this- temperature of water, dry process, and brew time.

The first is the temperature of the water. Most espresso machines have an automatic mode that uses pre-set temperatures for water. If these offer more options, then you can pick your own water temperature yourself depending on what type of drink you want!

For example, if you wanted strong, bolder coffee with lots of caffeine, you would use hotter water which also helps bring out the flavors of the beans. Melted milk froth requires warmer water so look up recipes to see what works for yours.

Some people like lighter, less flavorful coffee, so they use colder water to produce that result.

Plug it in

thermador coffee machine how to use

The first thing you will need to do is make sure your device has adequate power before using the coffee maker. If you find that the coffee maker does not work, check to see if your device needs a new battery or can be repaired.

A small reminder about batteries- they will eventually run out, and a fresh one will have to be replaced. Make sure to buy ones of the right size for your machine!

Thermador coffeemakers require two different types of batteries: a start-up battery and normal operation battery. Yours may refer to them as AAA batteries or alkaline batteris. Make sure to look through the manual how to use the machine properly.

Reminder: Never pull the plastic cover off the coffee maker until after its done baking. This could cause hot water to leak which would damage the motor.

Let it brew

The next step in using your new thermometer coffee maker is to let it brew! This device will keep track of when you make tea or coffee, and then automatically start brewing that beverage at the correct temperature.

It will also tell you how long each drink takes so you can use those times as tips for making better drinks in the future. For example, if the machine says your cold brewed coffee took five minutes longer than expected, then eight out of ten people who drank that coffee thought it was gross because there were no flavors of the powder used to grind the beans.

The reason this happens is due to too hot of water being mixed with the powder which removes all of the flavor. Yours will be smoother and creamier than normal beverages since there is less froth and taste. Make sure to only use waters that are around boiling point or colder!

This article covers some basic steps on how to use your new thermometer coffeemaker. Read our full review here where we discuss more details about these machines.

Check the water level

thermador coffee machine how to use

A very important part of using your new coffee maker is making sure that there enough water in it. If you use up all of the hot water, your brew will not taste as good and/or could even be dangerous!

If you notice that your machine no longer makes a noise when it works, then its time to top off the drinker. This will ensure that the needed amount of liquid gets added into the pot and the dry components are covered.

After doing this, wait 10 minutes and make your beverage for quality testing! Does the foam rise properly? Is the flavor strong and correct? All of these must be checked before going through the steps again.

Clean it

thermador coffee machine how to use

Make sure your new coffee maker is cleaned properly before using it for the first time! You can use either our cleaning method or have the manufacturer’s instructions manual you purchase specify one.

Our method uses vinegar as a solvent so it isn’t necessary to use water alone, however, both are good ways to clean your espresso machine. Simply mix one cup of vinegar with one cup of warm distilled water and pour through your coffeemaker.

Let sit for ten minutes and then run hot water through. This will remove any burnt-on oils as well as possible dirt.

After this, make sure your espresso machine has clear dry glass bottles to store used ground coffee in. These should be stainless steel and plastic never hold quality. A great way to do this is to get a large bottle, cut off the top, and drill small holes all over the inside. Now, fill up that hole with ground coffee and close it up. This will keep your grounds fresh and separate from each other.

Roast your own beans

thermador coffee machine how to use

While most coffee makers offer you the option of buying pre-ground or dry roasted coffee, neither is the best way to enjoy specialty coffee. Pre-ground coffees contain dried ground up bits of green bean that have not been processed yet, and dry roasted coffee has no flavor due to the lack of water content in it.

When brewing speciality coffee such as espresso, French press, or pour over style brews, there’s an extra step needed before drinking. The length and strength of the drink varies depending on how much liquid is mixed with the coffee, so each batch needs to be adjusted accordingly. This is where having a good machine comes into play.

A quality brewer will let you know when the cup is full and automatically adjusts the amount of milk or cream needed to make the perfect beverage every time! If you want to get more creative, you can also use leftover brewed coffee instead of water to adjust the strength of your next drink.

Heat up fresh milk

thermador coffee machine how to use

Even after you make your coffee, you will still have some leftover milk! Never throw away that leftover milk as it can be recycled and used for another cup of espresso or tea.

To use the leftover milk, place it in your thermometer filled with water and measure the temperature of the water. Once it is cooled down, pour the warm milk into your other drink recipe (such as cocoa or tea). Add extra flavor by mixing in some sugar or cream if needed.

This article has discussed how to use your Thermador coffeemaker and what to do with the leftover milk. If you found this information helpful, then click here to read more about our different types of coffee makers.

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