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Easy Salmon On The Grill

Grilling is one of our favorite ways to eat fish! Not only does it taste great, but there are many recipes that do not require too much in terms of preparation or tools. This article has some easy grilled salmon recipes for you to try!

There are three main components to most grilled fish dishes: The meat, the vegetables, and the sauce or glaze. For all three of these, you will need either olive oil, butter, or cooking spray as a medium. You can also use rice or bread to make your pan crispy and/or to soak up any leftover liquids.

The easiest way to prepare fresh salmon is by laying the fillets skin side down on an oven-safe grill tray. Then season with salt and pepper and cook until just barely cooked through (about 4 minutes per 1″ thickness).

Brush or rinse the fish

easy salmon on the grill

After washing your hands, you’re ready to grill! To make sure the salmon is cooked all the way through, we recommend brushing it with olive oil and then grilling it until it flakes easily.

You can either brush the oil directly onto the flesh of the fish or use a paper towel to soak up some excess oil and apply it to the fish. Then just roll it in the oven-to-warm melted butter to coat it.

If you like more crunchy bits, cook the salmon slightly longer and then season with salt and pepper.

Heat up the grill

easy salmon on the grill

The second step in cooking fresh salmon is to heat your grill up. Make sure it’s good and hot before you put the fish onto the grill!

To test if the grill is hot, throw some dry wood into the fire- that sounds weird, but it works! If there are sparks then the grill is warm enough.

Make the sauce

For the butter-broccoli cream topping, you will want to start with one cup of heavy cream. To make the creamy sauce, whisk in two tablespoons of white wine or chicken broth until it is mixed thoroughly.

Next, melt three cups of salted butter in a pan over medium heat. When the butter has melted completely, add one tablespoon each black pepper, garlic powder, and smoked paprika and stir to mix well.

To serve, place salmon fillets onto a grill rack or plate and spoon some of the broccoli cream on top. Then broil for five minutes and check if they are cooked through.

Make the salad

easy salmon on the grill

While making pasta salads at home is not difficult, it can get messy very quickly! So before you start mixing all of your ingredients together, we recommend to make the pre-made salad a base and add in other components.

To make the pasta salad more interesting, try experimenting with different toppings. Add in some grilled chicken or cooked bacon pieces, dried fruits like cranberries, strawberries, or apricots, roasted vegetables such as broccoli florets or carrots, and/or hard cheese bits like Parmesan or Romano.

And if you are looking for more flavor, you could always roast the vegetables or grill the meat and dress them in additional sauces or flavors. For example, cook zucchini or onion slices until charred and then drizzle them in olive oil and balsamic vinegar; broil mushrooms or red bell peppers until browned and season with salt and pepper.

Take pictures

easy salmon on the grill

After you have prepped your salmon, it is very important to take good grill-worthy photos of your meal! If you have time before the hungry mob descends, then you can either use an oven or stove top as the source of heat.

Oven-cooked salmon will also give you some extra crispiness from the residual warm air in the oven. When cooking with hot oil or butter, using a backlight setting on your camera can help create that effect.

For people who are more quickly hungry than thoughtful, there are apps like Instagram which let you add the pan, plate, and table settings so that others can recreate your photo set easily.

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easy salmon on the grill

With all of that leftover salmon, what to do with it is an easy next step. Either broil or toast it in some olive oil and salt and serve as snack food or make brussel sprouts or rice pilaf!

If you want to add more flavor to your cooked salmon, try making pickled ginger. It’s a classic Scandinavian combination that works well with most meats. Simply cut one inch slices off a piece of preserved ginger and soak them in red wine vinegar and sugar for half an hour.

To make grilled avocado, place a slice of salmon onto a plate and top with sliced avocado and pickled ginger.

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easy salmon on the grill

Having grilled salmon at home is very simple! Even if you are not much of a grill person, or have other plans that day, this recipe is super easy to make.

Grilling fish at high temperatures gives it an extra flavor boost due to the dry heat. When cooking chicken or steak, there is no need to cook it any longer than needed because the meat will keep baking in its own internal temperature.

But for raw fish, like salmon, that can easily get overcooked and taste bland, having it cooked slightly beyond what would normally be considered done can result in the perfect piece of fish every time.

So how do we achieve that? By investing in the right gear!

The equipment used to prepare raw seafood should always be clean and fresh. Make sure to soak utensils in water before using them to prevent sticking or burning.

Do it again!

easy salmon on the grill

I have to say, after reading this article you will be giving salmon another try. It may even win you over as a tough fish. If nothing else, read through my tips below and see if there is anything new that helps make preparing grilled salmon more delicious.

I know some people are intimidated by cooking wild salmon because of its flavor, but believe me when I tell you that they are not worth avoiding. In fact, smoked or dry-salted salmon can taste great!

Grilled salmon is one of my favorite ways to prepare it because it brings out all of the natural oils in the meat. The oil soaks into the flesh and makes for an excellent cookware surface.

When baking or broiling chicken or other foods, having a good grill pan or cookie sheet ready is very helpful. For the sake of efficiency, buy your heaviest duty grilling sheets at a home store and then season them with olive oil and salt before using for salmon.

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