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How Long Do Commercial Coffee Machines Last

Commercial coffee machines can be expensive, which is why most businesses do not have their own machine. Most of these pre-made machines only last around one to two years before needing to be replaced.

Most people believe that buying a new machine will make them feel good, but what it really does is create more debt. Debt in the form of expensive drinks!

Many vendors will sell you a refurbished machine, but they may put stickers on it saying “NEW” or use fake leather covers. These are very cheap ways to keep up with the competition.

In this article, I will talk about some tips for recycling your used coffee equipment. We will also look at how to choose between an inexpensive new machine or a slightly older second hand one.

How to check the temperature of the machine

how long do commercial coffee machines last

The next thing you will want to do is test your espresso maker! This can be done by using an easy tool that most coffee makers have.

You will need to use a lukewarm water source and measure the temperature of the milk or foam that comes out. If it is hot, then the machine may not be working correctly.

Most machines have a control panel with all of the settings on it. Make sure to check these settings and see if they work. Sometimes, companies move locations or close down production sites, so there might be changes in models.

However, many manufacturers include one year parts and labor warranties as standard.

How to check the power supply

how long do commercial coffee machines last

Power supplies are an important part of any device, including your coffee maker. A good power source is one that will consistently work to provide energy for the functioning of the device.

Power sources come in many forms such as batteries, wires connected to a power outlet, or a small unit with a built-in battery. It does not matter which type you use, but you should be aware of how to test yours properly.

This article will talk about some simple ways to test your power supply and what symptoms mean. If you notice anything strange, do not hesitate to contact someone to help you!

Testing your power supply can often times feel tricky, so here we go! These tips will make testing easy.

How to check the filters

how long do commercial coffee machines last

A good way to test your machine’s efficiency is to use an un-used filter as a wash! You can do this by taking out one of the used filters, washing it, and then putting it into the unused one. If the new filter doesn’t smell burnt or chemicaly, then they are working properly and you should buy them.

However, if the new filter has strong smells that indicate burn or chemicals, then you should look for another model. The type of coffee maker you have makes a difference in how long its filters last. Make sure to research your types of coffeemaker thoroughly!

Something important to remember when investing in a new espresso machine or cappuccino machine is to make sure there are no cracks anywhere on the device. Cracks could let water in and cause damage to the machine.

How to check the water

how long do commercial coffee machines last

The first thing you should do if your machine does not work is to make sure that it has adequate water. If the car breaks down in winter, you will need to ensure that it is fully filled with snow or liquid before trying to use it!

If your coffee maker seems to be running out of water even though there is still some left in the tank, then try flushing it by pressing both parts of the filter together (this removes any residue that may have collected). Make sure to pull apart slowly as you do not want too much pressure which could cause boiling of the water!

After doing this, wait a minute for it to completely drain and see if the color changes. A clear color means that there is no chlorine present so your drink can now be used!

Commercial machines are made more efficiently than home ones, so they may run dry sooner due to the higher usage.

How to check the machine for damage

The carafe or cup holder attachment is one of the most important parts in your coffee maker. This can be either glass, plastic, or metal. If you notice that it does not work properly, should be checked immediately!

Mostly these are made out of silicone which will eventually break down due to repeated use. Unfortunately, you cannot tell if this has happened until the machine is repaired so it must be inspected thoroughly.

Make sure to look inside and outside as well as test how heavy it feels. You may also want to try cleaning it to see if it works normally.

How to clean the machine

how long do commercial coffee machines last

When cleaning your coffee maker, make sure you do not pour abrasive materials like cleaners or water onto the hot surface. This could cause damage to the machine!

Instead, use a soft cloth that is removable in some way (like using alcohol gel or olive oil to wipe it). Avoid rubbing the top of the machine as this may hurtle it slightly- but it will also scratch it!

Never pull off the cover all at once as this may create a gap which can dry out over time, making the system come apart. It is best to slowly work with the screws or latch mechanisms first before doing so.

Once you have cleaned the machine thoroughly, let it air dry. Doing so removes any wetness from the plastic parts that could attract dust again.

How to maintain the machine

how long do commercial coffee machines last

When your coffee maker starts making poor quality drinks or stops working altogether, you will want to know how to fix it! Thankfully, most manufacturers include some tips in their manual or user guides so that you do not have to search far to learn how to take good care of your machine.

Many manuals also contain an assembly guide, which teaches you how to install the parts correctly and gives step-by-step instructions. This way, you can easily refer back to those instructions when needed.

When doing maintenance, make sure to pull out each component one by one until you find what is causing the problem. You should be careful not to apply too much pressure when pulling out a part, as this could damage the mechanism more than fixing it.

Another important thing to check before starting any repairs are the cords and connections. Make sure they are secure and protected from getting wet or dirty. If anything looks loose, try sliding it into place better or taking them apart and linking them properly using glue or tape.

Coffee machine repair

how long do commercial coffee machines last

Unfortunately, like most other appliances that require frequent use, your coffee maker will eventually fail. When this happens, it is important to know how to fix it!

Mostly, people are afraid to look into fixing their own appliance due to cost or lack of knowledge. This is totally fine if you are just looking to add some new parts onto an old one, but when it comes time to overhaul or replace the current part, you must know what goes where!

Luckily, it is never too late to learn something new! There are many sites online with beginner level information on different types of appliances, as well as how to do professional quality repairs.

This article will go over some basic tips on how to service and maintain your commercial coffee equipment. The best way to find these tips and tricks is by doing research yourself or talking to others about how they were trained.

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