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How To Clean Circle K Coffee Machine

While most people agree that cleaning your coffee maker is important, some make doing it a little more difficult than needed. This article will talk you through how to clean a popular style of coffee machine – the circle k-style!

Many users complain about this type of coffeemaker being hard to remove the basket to wash or even put back together. If you have ever struggled to take off the top like layer, then read on for these tips!

There are two main reasons why using an acid solution to clean your coffeemaker may not work. The first is globs of dried milk in the container which can react with the cleanser when mixed in. The second is internal components such as plastic parts that could potentially melt down if exposed to too much heat.

This article will focus on removing the filter element so that you can easily wash and/or replace it. A new, lacy filtered cup is always a nice touch! We will also discuss what kind of cleaners work best on this model. So get ready to start your day better prepared! Read on and we’ll see you soon!

Removing the Filter Element

To begin, turn the unit on and wait at least one minute before putting the top onto the carafe portion. Once it is attached, use hand pressure only to push the top up and away.

Run water and flush the machine

how to clean circle k coffee machine

After you use the coffee maker, let it sit for several minutes before running some hot water over it to start the cleaning process. This will help remove any residual flavor that may remain in the components of the machine!

Once this is done, run very warm (not boiling) water through the carafe to rinse off the leftover powdery residue. Make sure to scrape along the sides of the pot to ensure all parts are cleaned well.

After rinsing, dry the machine thoroughly using a paper towel or clean cloth. If there is still some wetness, do not touch the plastic portion until it has dried! This could cause damage to the product.

Lastly, check the setting lever to make sure it works properly and lock into place. It should move easily back and forth when pressed down.

Remove any coffee beans that may have dried on the machine

how to clean circle k coffee machine

After you rinse your new cup or mug of water, check if the handle of the carafe is wet! If it is not, run additional water through the system until this happens.

Next, use a paper towel to wipe down the filter basket. Make sure to pull out all the bits of coffee left in the basket! This will help prevent stuck-on foam next time you make a brew!

Lastly, clean the interior parts of the carafe using a soft, damp cloth. Do not put alcohol or cleaning solution into these areas as this could cause damage to the glass pot.

Once done, hang dry the cleaned part of the carafe! Avoid soaking it in liquid for too long since this can result in cracks in the surface.

Run water and flush the machine again

how to clean circle k coffee machine

After you use the coffee maker, run some water down the sides of the pot first to make sure there are no leftover bits of foam or cream in the pot.

Then, pour about half a cup of boiling water into the carafe area to rinse any residue off the top.

Finally, empty the used ground espresso beans and discard them!

Removing excess grounds and dried-up liquid will help prevent mold and bacterial growth in the next step. You can either recycle the spent grounds or just throw them away if you’d like to start over with new ones.

Once those steps have been done, wash and dry your coffee maker thoroughly so that it is ready for its next task.

Use a vacuum to suck up any dust that may have accumulated on the machine

how to clean circle k coffee machine

After you use the coffee maker, make sure to spread out all of the parts so that they do not get stuck together or close to each other where moisture can form and cause rust or corrosion.

Then, using a vacuum tool, pull back the plastic lid and wipe down the carafe with an alcohol-soaked rag to remove excess residue. If there is still liquid in the pot, rinse it under water and let dry before putting it away.

Once you have cleaned the components, spray some oil onto the metal surfaces to prevent rusting.

Pat dry

how to clean circle k coffee machine

After you have cleaned your coffee maker, it is time to rinse out the components! You can either use a cleaning product or water for this step. Simply run each part through both liquids starting with water first, then using a cleaner if needed.

Never use paper towels to clean any of the parts of the machine as these will eventually crumble down and contain leftover bits of dried up cleanser. These pieces could end up in your next cup of coffee! If using a cloth, make sure to wash and air-dry thoroughly afterwards.

Once all parts are fully washed, let them sit until they are completely dry. It may take an hour or two depending on how wet the component was before washing.

Wipe down the machine with a clean cloth

After you use the coffee maker, let it sit for several minutes before wiping it down. This will allow any leftover moisture to evaporate, which would otherwise leave a dirty residue on the carafe or cup holder.

Once you have wiped it dry, rinse under running water to remove all excess dirt and residual oils.

Check the water level in the machine

how to clean circle k coffee machine

Once you have cleaned all of the parts, it is time to check if the water level is adequate for use. If the cup does not sit at least an inch below the top of the carafe, then more water needs to be added!

If your coffee maker has no water indicator, like most newer models do, make sure to check the water line that drops down from the carafe. It should just barely come up past the bottom of the carafe. If it goes deeper than that, then the water level is too high!

You can also try pouring some water into the pot to see how much liquid comes out- this way you can determine whether or not there is a leak. There should be only a very small amount of bubbles coming out, indicating a tight seal between the carafe and the pot.

Make sure the water is running smoothly

how to clean circle k coffee machine

Once you have done that, your next step is to make sure there are no clogs in the carafe or filter area. If there are, you will need to unplug and/or remove those before you can clean the machine.

If you notice foam coming out of the spout, this could be due to either the dryer not working properly or if something got stuck in the coffee system. You may also see froth moving slowly down from the top of the carafe, which would indicate an issue with the setting arm.

If everything seems fine, then turn up the intensity of the espresso maker and let it run for a few minutes to get some good quality brew! When it has enough flavor, stop and check out what changes you have made.

You can now wash and sanitize the drinkware used for drinking the espresso! This includes using appropriate cups for keeping moisture away from the mug, and ensuring that they are dishwasher safe.

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