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How To Clean Keurig Coffee Machines

The drip machine, also called an espresso maker or coffee brewer, is one of the most popular styles of coffeemaker used throughout the world. A drip machine produces brewed beverages by dripping water through ground up roasted beans at high speeds.

Some people refer to the person using this type of coffeemaker as a “barista” because they use their skills in making excellent drinks!

There are many types of drip machines depending on the size, style, and feature set you want. Some have all metal casings, some have plastic ones, but no matter what material it is made of, every good drip machine has to be cleaned properly!

This article will go into detail about different parts of your keurig coffee machine and how to clean them correctly. If you ever find that your machine does not work quite right, check out our tips here first! You may need to do some tinkering before it works again. 🙂

Removing Scum

One important part of any drip machine is the carafe where you brew your beverage. This can get covered in dried grounds which then start to grow old fungus. If left alone, this could eventually lead to poor quality beverages or even bad bacteria growth.

Luckily, cleaning the carafe is very easy! All you have to do is run warm water over it for a few seconds and let it soak away naturally.

Clean the filter

The most common way to clean your coffee maker is by washing the glass that contains the filters. You can use a piece of cloth, some distilled water, or one of our cleaning systems to do this.

To remove burnt-on debris, just make sure you’re using a cleaner that will not melt the plastic parts of the machine. That would obviously ruin the machine!

After you have cleaned the filter, dry it properly before putting it back in place. If there are still bits of residue left, rinse them off and put the new filter in correctly!

Some people suggest wiping the drip tray with alcohol to see if that removes any stuck-on oils, but we never found this necessary.

Wipe down the machine with a dry, soft cloth

how to clean keurig coffee machines

After you use your Keurig coffee maker, most of it is going back into storage or disposal. Since this article will talk about how to clean the carafe and brewer of your Keurig, now is the time to learn that!

Most importantly, do not pull out any parts while the unit is still powered on! Doing so could cause hot liquid to leak onto yourself or damage the components permanently.

Once everything is off, we recommend wiping the carafe and brewer both using a smooth piece of paper toweled-off. To be sure you have cleaned every nook and cranny, put in additional effort to wipe each component twice.

After all cleaning steps are done, turn the power completely off before removing the carafe or brewer.

Lubricate the machine

how to clean keurig coffee machines

After you use your coffee maker, it is important to lubricate it properly! This will help prevent dry cups or burnt drinks due to lack of fluid in the brewer.

You can use either warm water or cold water as liquid for the lukewarm water method. Either one works well!

To add some moisture, pour around two tablespoons (30 ml) of the liquid into each compartment. Let the coffeemaker absorb the liquid- do not shake or stir until this process has finished.

Now, spread the leftover liquid across all areas of the coffee maker using a paper towel.

Run a repair test

how to clean keurig coffee machines

Sometimes, even after cleaning your machine, it will still not work or make good coffee. This could be due to damage that has occurred inside of the brewer while it was broken. Or, the cleanliness of the device is poor quality water with no active components.

If you are trying to use your new cleaned k-cups and the drinker does not work or makes very bad tasting beverages, then run a basic check to see if the part works. Does the carafe move up and down? Does it heat up properly? If so, then try replacing the parts to see if it fixes the issue.

This can easily be done by buying all of the needed parts online or in any major grocery store. Some people also recommend putting some drops of liquid into the port to see if bubbles come out, this would indicate the correct functioning of the part.

Run a cleaning cycle

how to clean keurig coffee machines

Now that you have removed all of the used K-cups from your machine, it is time to start preparing it for its next use!

The first thing to do is run an easy cleaning cycle so that the coffee maker is fully restored and will work properly.

This includes running a temperature test as well as making sure there are no clogs in the carafe or in the drinker (where water is held).

After this has been done, turn the unit off and pull out the jug portion. This way, any leftover liquid can be poured down the drain. Then, wash the whole device under warm water and let dry completely before using again.

Alternate method: Use a vacuum cleaner

You can also use a vacuum to suck up the dried up espresso grounds. However, only do this if you know how to use a vacuum very carefully so as not to break anything!

Both methods above should take around 30 minutes to an hour to complete depending on the size of the device.

Flush the machine with water

how to clean keurig coffee machines

After you use your coffee maker, it is important to rinse out the components of the system. This includes rinsing the brew basket, the carafe, and the drinker in which the milk or cream comes.

You can run each part through either tap water or using a bottle of distilled water to ensure all parts are thoroughly washed. Make sure to let each component dry completely before putting it away!

In addition to that, make sure to clean any wet areas that may have dried leftover espresso, tea, or liquid used to pour milk into the beverage.

Once everything is cleaned, turn off the machines and remove the top (if there is one) to prevent additional dripping. If some moisture remains, wipe those down to avoid causing rust or other chemical reactions.

Removing excess lime from the spout also helps prevent mineral deposits from forming. You can just push this material back inside while making sure to scrape off any dried up foam.

Run a dry cleaning cycle

how to clean keurig coffee machines

After you use your coffee maker, let it sit for several minutes before running a quick cleanup cycle. This will remove any leftover water or sugar that was made into foam in the machine!

Once you have cleaned the carafe, milk frother, cup attachment, and brew group of parts, wipe them all down with a microfiber cloth or clean washcloth. Make sure to scrape off any dried coffee or sugar that may remain from making drinks.

This article has discussed some easy ways to keep your Keurig working like new. If you are having issues with slow brewing, cold beverages, or overly strong drinks, see our tips section at the end of this article.

Use a humidifier next to the machine

how to clean keurig coffee machines

After you rinse your coffee maker under water, make sure to use a humidifier adjacent to it to prevent dryier hands as well as discoloration of the glass due to lack of moisture in the air.

This is very important since most people do not remember to check their coffeemaker before leaving for work or school!

After cleaning out the components such as the carafe and brew group, turn off the machine and remove any leftover wet material.

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