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Perfect Grilled Salmon

When it comes to grilled fish, there are two main types of recipes. One type is for people who have no grill and thus must use a pan or skillet as their cooking surface. These individuals usually cook the fish like flounder or cod, which work well because they melt in the mouth and taste good.

The other type of grilled fish recipe is one that uses high quality grilling equipment such as a grill. People with this level of grill mastery know how to season their meat and cook it properly so that all of the flavor and texture shine through.

Grill masters also tend to butter or cream cheese the fish before putting it onto the grill, making it soft and fluffy. This article will go into more detail about the best way to make beautiful grilled salmon every time!


This article contains an image of food. We try very hard to be careful when we photograph and describe foods to ensure that you do not over eat and get too many extra calories.

Brush or rinse the salmon with lemon juice

perfect grilled salmon

After cleaning your fish, you will want to brush it off with either a grill brush or use a paper towel to wash away any leftover dirt or grime. If using a grill brush, make sure to scrape the grill clean before applying the grill sauce!

After that, apply some olive oil to the grill and burners until the surface is slightly smoking. Then, sprinkle on your grilled marinade and spread around evenly. Now, cook the salmon on the grill for 4-6 minutes per 1″ of thickness. Use a meat thermometer to check if the internal temperature reaches 145°F (60°C).

If you like this recipe, try making our homemade balsamic vinegar next.

Make a marinade with your favorite spices

perfect grilled salmon

While most people grill fish as either very thick, thin fillets or whole fish, neither of these are the best ways to cook salmon. The thickness of the fish makes it take longer to cook through, which can result in dry, raw flesh. Cooking the entire fish until almost done and then cutting it into pieces is the better approach because it cuts down on this risk.

When cooking a thicker piece of fish like flounder or halibut, make sure to give it enough time to fully cook before taking it off the grill. With thinner pieces of fish such as trout or salmon, however, you can probably start eating it after just a couple of minutes!

There are three basic grilled meat types: medium-rare, well-done, and dry (hickory smoked) pork. For cooked seafood like salmon, stick to the first two unless the salmon is already slightly pink inside and has dried out a little bit. If that’s the case, go for the second option so it doesn’t taste too strong of acid.

Cook on a grill pan

perfect grilled salmon

When cooking salmon, there are two things to consider: how to cook it and what kind of grill or grill pan you should use. How to cook it? That is clearly stated already! But what about the type of grill pan you use?

There are many types of grill pans out there, with some brands being more popular than others. Luckily for us, Amazon offers a high quality product that can be picked up in any store near you!

Their grill pan is made from heavy-duty aluminum and ceramic materials, making it strong and durable. It also comes with rivets to help retain heat better than thin plastic sheets. This makes an excellent addition to your grilling gear!


To perfect grilled salmon, invest in a good grill pan so that you do not have to worry too much about sticking and burning meat.

Make a salad to go with your fish

perfect grilled salmon

While most people grill salmon as either raw or very warm, there are several better ways to cook it. When cooking hot foods like meat or chicken, most agree that higher temperatures are better for flavor and texture. The same goes for baking or broiling, where high heat helps create taste and shapely textures.

When grilling salmon, those hotter temperatures usually mean boiling it in water. This is the traditional way to prepare grilled salmon, but some feel it removes too much of the flavor due to the liquid used.

Some recipes instead use olive oil or butter to coat the fish, which also help keep the protein tight. These oils become rich when heated, so they remain attached to the cooked salmon as it cools.

Serve with roasted potatoes and asparagus

perfect grilled salmon

When cooking salmon, there are two main things to consider: how to cook it and what to serve it with! The best way to bake or grill salmon is by preparing it either hot or warm.

Hot-cooked salmon is perfect for eating immediately after taking it out of the oven or grill. One of our favorite ways to eat this fish is topped with sliced avocado, fresh tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar.

If you would like to keep the dish more neutral in flavor, skip the toppings. If you prefer stronger flavors, we recommend rubbing the cooked salmon with olive oil and salt before topping it with whatever you have on hand.

For the side, your choice of vegetables will really matter depending on the colors they add to the plate. Asparagus and potato chips both make for delicious additions to this meal.

Douse with homemade teriyaki sauce

perfect grilled salmon

Now that you have mastered how to grill salmon, it is time to try another fish! If you are looking for more recipes using grilled salmon, then look no further than our perfect grilled salmon recipe here!

In this article, we will show you two ways to make an easy, delicious teriyaki sauce and what to do with it. Once you have made your own teriyaki sauce, you can use it as a cooking or finishing liquid for many things.

For this article, we will be making one of the recipes with grilled salmon.

Serve with rice

One of our favorite ways to eat salmon is grilled or broiled, sliced thin and served with brown rice and vegetables. The rice acts as a vehicle for the buttery flavor of the fish and the veggies add some texture and color.

When cooking salmon this way, it’s very important that you let it sit in the pan long enough so that it can cook all the way through and develop that lovely flavor. Make sure to check out your grill or oven temperature before starting!

Once cooked, cut into pieces and serve immediately to keep it warm or slightly warmer. You can also season the salmon just prior to grilling or serving if desired.

Try a different flavor of sauce

perfect grilled salmon

When baking or grilling salmon, what kind of sauce you use can make a big difference. Most recipes call for butter-broth type sauces that are mixed in during cooking, but there are many other types!

Other toppings such as rice, pasta or bread is usually mixed into the leftover sauce to be cooked with the fish later. These additions give your meal some extra texture and shape, which makes it more enjoyable to eat.

To create our perfect grilled salmon, we will mix it together using mayo, lemon juice, pepper and minced garlic as the base and olive oil as the top oil. Let the oven bake the sauce and salmon until both are hot!

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